First (Reader) Review of "Harry Potter 5"

by | March 6, 2007 | Comments

That illustrious film critic "Rosncranz" has graced AICN with their very first review of "Harry Potter and the Fifth Movie of Seven," and it seems like he liked the flick.

You know the drill on reader reviews: I just scan around and find a benign yet hopefully pithy piece to quote, and then I just leave it up to you as far as the rest of the article goes. So here’s my snippet: "So if you liked the last two films style, you will like this. This film is not much different from the last entries in the series. I really appreciated the depth of Harry’s character in this, they actually give Harry something to do and he deals with some interesting things in a more real and rounded way."

There you go. Someone other than you has already seen "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." (Then again this guy thought "The Number 23" was better than its reviews indicate, and that’s just plain wrong.)

Source: AICN