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Everything We Know About The Mandalorian Season 3

Series star Pedro Pascal returns as the titular Mando and Grogu-minder, as their adventures take them to Mandalore.

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The Mandalorian has been the exemplar Disney+ program since its 2019 debut. With unconventional episode lengths, a generally faceless protagonist, and the unexpected cultural impact of Grogu, it illustrated what a series on the Disney streaming service could be. But following the conclusion of season 2 one year later, the series seemingly went into hiatus. The Book of Boba Fett took its place in late 2021 — although, as many have noted, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy referred to that program as “the next chapter in the Mandalorian saga” at the 2020 Disney Investor day — and Lucasfilm surprised fans at Star Wars Celebration last May when it revealed The Mandalorian would not return for its customary winter run in 2022 either.

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu

(Photo by Lucasfilm Ltd.)

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The program has instead shifted to spring 2023, but when it returns, it will continue the tale established in season 2 and the later Boba Fett episodes. Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) still has the Darksaber and with Grogu back at his side, the wandering of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter will seemingly resume. But, of course, we know a little bit more about where Djarin and Grogu will go in their modified Naboo starfighter. So join us as we take a look at the information available so far and why we think it may lead to a different sort of Mandalorian season.

The Star Chart of Atonement

Katee Sackhoff, Pedro Pascal and Grogu in THE MANDALORIAN, season 3

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Thanks to the various trailers since Celebration (including the one released on January 16 and embedded above), we know one place the show is definitely going: Mandalore. Referenced as either destroyed or a wasteland in various episodes, it seemed inevitable that the series would turn its attention to the homeworld of Mando society. In the trailer screened at Celebration and released online a few months later (embedded below), Djarin suggested his mission there is to atone for his sins — something reiterated in the most recent trailer. Liberating the world from the Imperial Remnant also seems in the cards. As evidence, we present Djarin’s speech from the January trailer, in which he mentions the Mandalorian people are scattered and asks, “What do we stand for?”

But back to the idea of atonement, just what sin did Djarin commit? Based on the trailers and the later episodes of Boba Fett, we imagine his expulsion from the Children of the Watch weighs heavily on him. Although characterized as one of the more extreme sects among the Mandos, the Watch gave him home and purpose in the wake of the Clone Wars. To lose it, despite glimpsing the fact they are not the only Way for a Mandalorian to live, can only be a huge blow. Presumably, he believes the best way to repair the damage is to make a pilgrimage to Mandalore itself and, perhaps, unite all those colorful Mandos glimpsed in the January trailer.

Katee Sackhoff in THE MANDALORIAN, season 3

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Once there, though, it seems he will once again meet up with Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff). Or, at least, one moment from the earlier trailer suggests she will be sitting the Mandalore throne by the time he arrives.

Of course, their scene in the trailer leads to one of the big questions left from season 2: How did Djarin leave the Remnant cruiser with the Darksaber in the first place? Bo-Katan was dedicated to claiming it for herself to legitimize her claim to the throne. But to make it truly legitimate, she needed to win it back in combat. Did they fight? Did she really let him leave with it? Or has she grown beyond needing the sword to rule her group of Mandalorians?

Pedro Pascal and Carl Weathers in THE MANDALORIAN, season 3

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Beyond the key situation with Djarin, other continuing storylines revolve around the Remnant and its plans, Greef Karga’s (Carl Weathers) continuing rise on the Outer Rim and, potentially, stories ideas initially conceived for the non-defunct Rangers of the New Republic series (see Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s appearance as Captain Teva in the most recent trailer). Adding fuel to that last possibility, a recent Disney press release referred to the New Republic’s struggle to “lead the galaxy away from its dark history.” And though we expect the season may open with some wandering to facilitate those threads (Djarin even says a Mandalorian needs to know how to navigate the stars), Mandalore may be the chief focus — a departure from the previous two seasons.

Jedis in THE MANDALORIAN, season 3

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Also, that glimpse of Jedi Knights defending themselves (presumably during Order 66) in the January trailer may indicate an unexpected appearance by Force users. Or, maybe, Grogu is finally remembering what happened when he had to flee the Jedi Temple 25 years ago.

The State of Mandalore

Mandalorians in THE MANDALORIAN, season 3

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While some of that expected wandering may introduce new locations, a live-action Mandalore is the big addition to the galactic landscape. It was previously depicted on both Star Wars: The Clones Wars and Star Wars Rebels as an Earth-like world ravaged by endless internal conflicts with populations living in domed cities. But that was before the Great Purge, when the planet was bombarded by the Empire following Bo-Katan’s first attempt to take the throne.

In the first season of The Mandalorian, it was suggested that the planet had been completely destroyed, but season 2 episodes clarified it continued to exist, if still under the boots of the Remnant. According to Boba Fett (Temeura Morrison), the planet was “turned to glass” by the Empire after the Purge, but the glimpses of the planet in the Mandalorian season 3 trailers suggest that view may not be entirely correct. Some cities remain even if their domes are no longer intact. And if some of the shots throughout the various previews take place on Mandalore, its atmosphere appears to be breathable.

Pedro Pascal and Mandalorians in THE MANDALORIAN, season 3

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Outside of the cities, expect to see endless deserts, although it is possible returning some green to the planet may be part of Kryze’s long-term plans — or maybe Djarin’s if he ends up in charge, which is a possibility we’re not willing to let go of just yet.

Other locations in the trailers include Tatooine (of course) and Coruscant, the former capital world of the Old Republic and the Empire. Also, the January trailer indicates Karga’s continuing good fortune is rubbing off on Nevarro itself with its key outpost looking better than ever.

The Usual Suspects


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This deep into the series, the cast is pretty much stabilized. Pascal returns as the title character. Now exiled from the Watch, it remains to be seen if he will stay as masked and gruff as he was in the previous two seasons. Presumably, Grogu’s decision to stick by his side will lead to the major change for him. Grogu, meanwhile, will likely learn a little bit more about what it means to be a Mando foundling and how it differs from a Jedi — even if he still has use of the Force.

Sackhoff also returns as Bo-Katan. As mentioned above, her decision not to pursue the Darksaber speaks to a potential between-season change for her. Although, when we spoke to the actor in May, she said the character is, perhaps, “second guessing herself.” That new doubt may also reflect on Kryze in other ways, like how she regards Grogu in the earlier trailer.

Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian season 2 poster

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Giancarlo Esposito is Moff Gideon once again. At Celebration he gave us some idea of what expect, saying, “The assumption is he’s in jail or behind bars or cuffed. And he has to try to free himself [from who he was]. It’s such a mental analogy for what life really is: to see things a different way … but he doesn’t want to do that. He wants to be able to ‘help’ people through his investigation of who this Child [is].”

Pedro Pascal, Grogu, and Amy Sedaris in THE MANDALORIAN, season 3

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Other returning actors include Weathers as Karga, Omid Abtahi as Dr. Pershing, Amy Sedaris as lovable Tatooine docking bay operator Peli Motto, Sun-hyung Lee as Carson Teva, and Emily Swallow as The Armorer.

New additions to the cast include Christopher Lloyd and Tim Meadows in unconfirmed roles. Additionally, Babu Frik from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will appear in some capacity, as will a whole new league of Mandos. Also, if we understand the Tatooine moment in the January trailer correctly, long-suffering astromech droid R5-D4 may finally get a proper chance to shine.

Behind the Galaxy

Jon Favreau (L) and Dave Filoni

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Jon Favreau returns as the principal creative force behind The Mandalorian, serving as executive producer, writer, and showrunner. Although, both Noah Kloor and Dave Filoni join him as writers for some episodes.

And as in previous seasons, Weathers, Bryce Dallas Howard, and newly-promoted executive producer Rick Famuyiwa will direct episodes. Additional directors include Minari’s Lee Isaac Chung, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s Peter Ramsey, and Black Panther director of photography Rachel Morrison. Kathleen Kennedy also remains at her executive producer post.

When Does the Action Begin?


(Photo by Lucasfilm Ltd.)

The program returns to Disney+ on March 1 for another eight-episode season. A fourth season is also in the works.

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