Egoyan's "Truth" May Lie with an NC-17

by | August 22, 2005 | Comments

ThinkFilm, distributor of the new Atom Egoyan film "Where the Truth Lies," plans to appeal what they believe will be an NC-17 rating from the MPAA, says The Hollywood Reporter.

"The only problem is that, according to the MPAA, the group hasn’t officially published the movie’s rating yet, and no appeal date has been set. Based on a murder mystery by Rupert Holmes, "Truth" concerns an investigation into an unsolved murder that marred the career of a ’50s stand-up comedy team (Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth). The film includes a menage a trois sex scene involving Bacon, Firth and actress Rachel Blanchard that many observers expect will result in an NC-17, which would make the movie off limits for viewers younger than 18."

"Where the Truth Lies" will make its North American debut at next month’s Toronto Film Festival.

Atom Egoyan’s earlier films include "Exotica," "Ararat," and "The Sweet Hereafter."