del Toro to Make a "Killing on Carnival Street"

by | February 9, 2006 | Comments

With his latest flick ("Pan’s Labyrinth") in the can and sold to HBO/New Line, genre favorite Guillermo del Toro is about to sign on for another rather intriguing project. The logline on "Killing on Carnival Street" includes nouns like "elves," "faeries," "vampires," and "serial killer," which means I know of at least one person who’ll be there on opening night. (Yes, me.)

According to Variety, "New Line has tapped Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro to helm futuristic fantasy-thriller "Killing on Carnival Row" … New Line acquired "Killing on Carnival Row," a spec script by tyro (first-time) scribe Travis Beacham, last fall in a preemptive bid. Story’s set in a Victorian city inhabited by humans, faeries, elves and vampires, with a detective pursuing a serial killer."

Also: "Picturehouse, the HBO-New Line joint venture, recently paid close to $6 million for North American rights to Del Toro’s dark fairy tale "Pan’s Labyrinth.""

Guillermo del Toro is the widely-adored creator of "Cronos," "Blade 2," "Hellboy," "Mimic," and (my favorite) "The Devil’s Backbone."