De Laurentiises Bless "Evil Dead" Remake ... and Want More "Hannibal"

by | February 1, 2007 | Comments

Sam Raimi is a bona fide mogul now with his Ghost House Pictures studio producing horror movies while he’s off making "Spider-Man" movies. Back in the day, he needed Dino De Laurentiis‘s help to make the third "Evil Dead" film, "Army of Darkness." Now that Raimi plans to remake his original "Evil Dead" through Ghost House, De Laurentiis thinks it’s a great idea.

"If he has the right idea, why not?" said the producer. "When I pushed Sam Raimi with everybody, they thought I was crazy because I was in love with younger people. I said, ‘I can be in love but not with younger people. I can be in love with talented people.’ If Sam Raimi is a fantastic talent, and he proved how talented he is, he is Sam Raimi, if he has an idea to remake a movie, let him do the movie."

Now joined by producer wife Martha De Laurentiis, she concurs with Dino’s assessment. "Yes, he’s a genius," she said. "He’ll have a lot more money to make it with this time."

Scott here. Dino D. has been all over the geek-wires lately, and here’s what he had to say about the possibility of yet another Hannibal Lecter movie: "I presume that we created a success with this new franchise about young Hannibal Lecter, and I want to start to think about going ahead with the story." According to a report at MTV Movies, Dino wants to go deeper into the love story between the young Lecter and the "Hannibal Rising" character played by Gong Li.