"Dawn" Director Signs On to Deliver "Rainbow Six"

by | March 28, 2005 | Comments

After helming the surprise hit "Dawn of the Dead" last year, director Zack Snyder earned himself a sweet deal from Paramount: Snyder will write and direct an adaptation of Tom Clancy’s "Rainbow Six." Paramount’s had solid success with previous Clancy adaptations ("The Hunt for Red October," "Clear and Present Danger") plus they also have director Peter Berg signed up to direct a "Splinter Cell" movie. Snyder will have a ton of material to leaf through as he pens his "Rainbow" script; several screenwriters, including William Wisher ("The 13th Warrior") and Michael Shiffer ("Crimson Tide"), have already contributed to the property. According to Variety, the movie "centers on (CIA agent John) Clark joining with several colleagues to leave the CIA and create an England-based multinational org designed to battle terrorism."