"Catch Me If You Can" the Next Broadway Movie Musical

by | July 1, 2007 | Comments

Movie and theater impresarios Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman have found another movie to turn into a Broadway smash. "Catch Me If You Can," the Leonardo DiCaprio/Christopher Walken movie will now be staged with song and dance numbers.

"Just the way we think, I watched the movie when we decided to do it and Christopher Walken has a great scene where he gives his son a checkbook," said Shaiman. "Whatever he says in that Christopher Walken way, it was a just a great little moment where now we’ve written a song where the father sings about in that checkbook, the way you manage your life, what you can do with just this little booklet."

Wittman suggested that the film will be less about Frank Abagnale‘s worldwide romp. "We chose that not because of the caper element of it. To both of us, it’s much more about fathers and sons and family. The idea that if I say I’m a cop and you need a cop then I’m a cop, that’s really what he did. He said I’m a doctor, if you need a doctor, I’ll be the doctor. People want to believe what they’re told."