Bond 22 Less Serious, More Comedic; Bond 23 Set for 2010

In other words: less Connery, more Moore.

by | July 16, 2007 | Comments

After the overtly gritty and
serious Casino
, I personally predicted that after a few dark Bond
movies they’d try to pump in goofy humor again.  Turns out they are, and
could actually start as early as the next Bond.

"[The producers] just want
more gags," Daniel Craig tells The Daily Express, "The next one’s going
to be a lot funnier. Octopussy and Pussy Galore-style gags. They’re all great
names — but that’s the thing, the Bond jokes will be flipped on their heads."

And Craig is more than
willing to show a softer side to the modern Bond.

"Bond is supposedly the most
male moment [in film] but to me he’s never been macho. That Bond is something
that Sean Connery created in
Dr. No
," Craig says.
"[But] there’s no point in trying to compete with every Bond that came before.
You manage to make it your own."

Bond 22, under the
direction of Marc
, will begin shooting in December

at Pinewood,
U.K. and
will be out sometime next year. 
Meanwhile, Variety reports that Bond 23 is being prepped for a 2010 release date.


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