Banderas Promises More Than 5 "Shrek" Movies

by | April 26, 2007 | Comments

Do you like yourself some "Shrek"? Then you’ll love this news: according to co-star Antonio Banderas, we’ll get numbers 4 and 5 after this May’s "Shrek The Third."

We’d already heard about plans to make a fourth "Shrek" (and a "Shrek the Halls" holiday special) but now Banderas — or, as you may know from the film series, Puss In Boots — says there will be at least five total installments (thanks to popular demand).

As Banderas told Coming Soon, his own character Puss will eventually get his own starring vehicle: "Now in between 4 and 5, Puss is going to have his own movie. It’s going to be called "Puss In Boots: The Story of an Ogre Killer." I don’t know if you realize but Donkey doesn’t have a movie, himself. [Laughs]. And that will be it, from what Jeffery Katzenberg is communicating to us, but I don’t know, if the character — probably some place in the future they may take the character and do it again, and things like that — but so far, there were going to be four, but they discovered the novel game [sic] them the opportunity to do five."

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Banderas continues, "In fact, in number five — if I am not wrong — I’m going to play two characters. I’m going to play Puss and the badass brother that he has, a black cat. So it’s an opportunity to do a different voice [puts on scratchy, American accent] "hey bro, how you doing man?" and things like that."

By our calculations that would make a veritable empire of the jolly ogre franchise; "Shrek" 4, "Shrek 5," "Puss In Boots," and the holiday television special makes at least seven "Shrek" films for viewing consumption! But before you discount the franchise’s shelf life, Banderas reminds us that the first "Shrek" garnered more respect than your average animated movie:

"You’ve got to think that with this project, the first one — and the second one — were presented in the Cannes Film Festival with the whole entire intellectuality of Europe in the movie theater after they are watching very interesting Czechoslovakian movies [laughs] and suddenly, in the first time they were there, there was a big buzz in the entire festival that the movie could have won the Palme d’Or."

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