Anyone Up for a "Bad Santa 2"?

by | February 16, 2007 | Comments

Now here’s some potential sequel news that I didn’t see coming: A follow-up to "Bad Santa"? Really?

IGN Movies (Australia division) spoke with actor Billy Bob Thornton, and somehow the conversation got around the possibility of a "Bad Santa 2." Here’s what the guy had to say: "I can say they’re interested because it has been brought to my attention. But I don’t know where exactly things stand with it. Right now I think it’s still just nothing more than an idea."

Mr. Thornton seems unsure as to whether or not director Terry Zwigoff would want to return for a sequel — but considering all the hassles he got in "Bad Santa" post-production, that possibility seems pretty remote. Smart guy that he is, Billy Bob insists that the Willie character stay nasty: "He’s really just a bad guy, and if you mess with that, you’re pulling the essence out of the guy. He’s just bad. He’d still have to be bad."

Click here for the rest of the article. (Also check out this excellent Greencine Daily interview with director Terry Zwigoff, in which the director explains why there are three different "Bad Santa" DVDs … and why he likes the third one best.)