An Entirely "Hostel" Trilogy?

by | November 27, 2006 | Comments

I know that "Hostel: Part 2" isn’t even finished yet, but according to recent reports Eli Roth will most likely be returning to Prague to helm a "Hostel: Part 3," but probably not till after he’s finished with Dimension’s adaptation of Stephen King‘s "Cell."

From Variety: "Roth is clearly thrilled at auds’ recent taste for torture. Roth, an NYU grad with an encyclopedic knowledge of his craft, points to the greats of American horror from the 1970s, like "Jaws," "The Exorcist" and "The Shining," and says "I felt American horror had gone soft. I wanted to amp it up.

"Hostel III" is all but signed as well, to possibly follow Roth’s next shoot, Stephen King’s "The Cell," although "Hostel II’s" release date will affect timing, Roth says."