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This week at the movies, we have the return of everyone’s favorite skyscraper-scaling monster (Kong: Skull Island, starring Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston) and a whole bunch of limited releases. What are the critics saying?

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How does it compare to other horror films?

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It’s at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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So should I see it?

If you’re up for a frightening night out that’ll also make you laugh and make you think, critics urge you to Get Out and see this.

Peele’s pulled off an audacious debut here, blending horror and comedy…

“Peele’s pulled off an audacious debut here, blending horror and comedy…”

Jeff Giles

By the numbers

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Top Critic Reviews

Jordan Peele’s semi-parodic horror film Get Out has a complexity worthy of its historical moment.
J. Hoberman
The New York Review of Books

Peele succeeds where sometimes even more experienced filmmakers fail: He’s made an agile entertainment whose social and cultural observations are woven so tightly into the fabric that you’re laughing even as you’re thinking, and vice-versa.
Stephanie Zacharek
TIME Magazine

By focusing the storyline on a particular form of racism — the kind that’s often disguised as peculiar envy — Get Out reveals something more insidious.
Mary Elizabeth Williams

What makes Get Out more than just a slam-bang scarefest is that, in its own darkly satiric way, it is also a movie about racial paranoia that captures the zeitgeist in ways that many more “prestigious” movies don’t.
Peter Rainer
Christian Science Monitor

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