Netflix Originals Countdown

Between (2015)

Synopsis: A survivalist drama revolving around a town that has been stricken by a mysterious, deadly disease that has killed everyone... [More]
Directed By: Michael McGowan

Marco Polo (2014)

Synopsis: The adventures of the young explorer Marco Polo are chronicled in this drama, which also delves into his relationship with... [More]
Directed By: Espen Sandberg

Hemlock Grove (2013)

Synopsis: A supernatural series about the goings-on in a Pennsylvania steel town, where two suspects in a young girl's murder set... [More]

Grace and Frankie (2015)

Synopsis: Two nemeses become bonded jilted wives after their husbands reveal they have been having an affair with each other since... [More]
Directed By: Tate Taylor

Sense8 (2015)

Synopsis: Eight twentysomethings around the world discover they have an intimate connection to one another with emotional, mental and physical implications.... [More]

The Killing (2011)

Synopsis: Adaptation of a Danish-TV crime drama following investigations by homicide detectives in Seattle. The viewpoints include those of the police... [More]

Narcos (2015)

Synopsis: This raw, gritty series chronicles the gripping real-life stories of the drug kingpins of the late 1980s and the corroborative... [More]
Directed By: Andrés Baiz

BoJack Horseman (2014)

Synopsis: Will Arnett voices BoJack, the failed legendary 90's sitcom star from the favorite family sitcom Horsin? Around, who has been... [More]

Synopsis: A brother and sister battle each other to make the soccer club they both inherited a success.... [More]

Bloodline (2015)

Synopsis: Set in the Florida Keys, Bloodline centers on a close-knit family of four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are... [More]

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  • Bret Osborne

    Hated UKS. The premise was as thin as it was unbelievable. I’m pretty sure if you liked this show you’re probably an early 20’s something girl with a fairly close but small group of friends. Am I right?


      The show was awesome! And im an 18 year old gay guy with a big group of friends! Love Titus!

      • Bret Osborne

        Of course you do, aside from the number of your friends you’re still exactly what I described.

        • mrschowder

          So gay guy=girl. K expert analysis.

        • Tynan Patrick

          somebody is a judgmental ass.

        • Joe Shepherd

          I’m a 49 year old male, and I loved UKS. the unbelievable premise is part of the joke. If you’re complaining about the premise you already don’t get it.

    • Quinton Doucet-Barron

      I love UKS, not everything has to be believable in order to be believable in order to be successful. lol ass

  • Bret Osborne

    It hurts my brain the UKS is liked more then House of Cards. WTF is wrong with people?

    • Jack Dee

      Agreed. Kimmy is such a lame re-hash of 30 Rock- same jokes, same music, same comic timing. I got so sick of that show 3 episodes in.

      • Gandolfication

        I thought Kimmy Schmitt was nowhere near as good as 30 Rock, which always made me laugh.

  • Samuel Rexford

    unbelievably bad list, mr horseman must be pissed

    • Caleb Peterson

      this is a consensus of all the critics ratings not a subjective list.

      • Marporte

        Critics based their reviews on watching half the season 1 thinking it was an episodic comedy show like family guy. There is a story arc that opens up and the show is not all comedy. Check the reviews 2 where people actually watch the show.

  • RedWaltz

    It’s pretty strange that Longmire, which has been a Netflix original for 5 years now, has no rating on rottentomatoes, yet it is one of Netflix’s most highly regarded shows.

    • hazzin

      What are you talking about? Longmire is an A&E show, which was only recently bought by Netflix.

      • RedWaltz

        Ah, thanks for the correction. They still have Arrested Development on the list and it only has one season on Netflix, as does Longmire.

        • voodoogirl47

          The Killing is also on the list. It started off the first (2? or) 3 seasons on AMC before Netflix took over.

      • TinCanPhone24

        Netflix took over production for the last 2 seasons… after A&E decided it wouldn’t air anything but shows that are self-produced, and Longmire came from an outside studio.

  • Jack Dee

    House of Cards is Netflix’s best drama, and Master of None is their best comedy. Both are risk-takers, and even though HoC Season 3 was not all that great, it is still better than that boring dreck Bloodline. Good God, Bloodline is so slow. They should re-name it “Rich White People Drinking and Doing Boring Crap.”

  • TheGipper

    “Wet Hot American Summer” is unwatchable, IMO. Haven’t watched “Lilyhammer” because it sounds boring. “House of Cards” season 3 was beyond stupid, with the main complaint about Underwood’s idiotic plan to gut Social Security and Medicare being it was something Republicans would do. The writers should all be fired, blacklisted, and lashed to the HOLLYWOOD sign along with those who had Vampire Bill on “True Blood” blast off into the air like a rocket.

    • Christina

      I quite liked Lilyhammer, it has moments where it’s just hilarious, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Worth checking out if you like a bit of an offbeat comedy though.

    • sailor monsoon

      Lillyhammer is like a solid spin off to the sopranos.
      Very underrated.
      Wet hot American summer and Jessica Jones are overrated.

    • VanHalen0515

      I loved wet hot summer, the movie was quite bad but set up a great setting and characters so I loved the show.

  • Mythos88

    I didn’t quite know was going on in the 1st episode of Sense8 but it didn’t take long for me to become really intrigued. I hope they don’t get bogged down in a protracted fight against an evil conglomerate though–I’m tired of that theme. But for now, it is my fav of the lot.

  • Master of None is great so far, but I gotta say… I really liked Club de Cuervos. Pleasant surprise, that one.

  • NameNamerson

    Brace yourself. We got Iron Fist and Punisher on the way!

  • Chaos Theory

    Well this list and my list are way off. I thought Sens8 was one of the better shows and didn’t care of Kimmy Schmitt. I didn’t even bother with Wet hot American Summer or Master of None.

    • Gandolfication

      I too though Kimmy Schmitt was average and nothing on the level of 30 Rock.

      Why did you like Sense8? I am trying to find a reason to check this out. Thx.

      • vmackey

        The last 2 episodes with Tina Fey were awesome

  • Chaos Theory

    My List

    1. Jessica Jones
    2. Daredevil
    3. Sens8
    4. House of Cards
    5. The Killing
    6. Orange is The New Black
    7. Grace & Frankie
    8. Narcos
    9. Bloodline
    10. Hemlock Grove
    11. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Shows I didn’t watch

    Bojack Horseman, Wet Hot American Summer, Master of None, Lilyhammer

    • Gandolfication

      Chaos Theory, did you not like Bloodline?

      Also, I’m asking people if they can encapsulate what they liked about Sens8?

      Master of None is charming and funny (I’m 2-3 shows in), and Ansari’s real parents steal the show frequently.


      • Chaos Theory

        Sens8 is actually my favorite of the originals. I thought it told a beautiful story. The concept was great and I thought the acting was fantastic. It took a few episodes to get really good but once it did watching each of the characters become each other was incredible to watch. The only reason it isn’t #1 is because there were slow spots and I thought Daredevil and Jessica Jones were technically better written. As for Bloodline I liked it fine but it was way too slow for me and I don’t mind slow.

        I am not a comedy person I gave up on Masters of None after about ten minutes and I actually watched Bojack for a couple of episodes but talking animals having sex with humans freak me out.

        • Gandolfication

          yah, I didn’t realize Bojack was an animated sort of gonzo thing (it appears), until I watched its trailer yesterday. I do like Will Arnett. This seems like the kind of thing that could be entertaining after smoking a joint.

          I’m going to check out Sense8 on your and a couple others’ recommendations. It sounds like something I would like….the sound of it also reminds me of the early Heroes series, which I liked the first year.

          • Chaos Theory

            Tell me what you think after you check it out. Like most Netflix Originals TV-MA for good reason. This for sexual content.

      • voodoogirl47

        Bloodline seemed to have an interesting concept but the first episode bored me to death. I think it took me 3 viewings to finish it, one of them I stopped because I was literally falling asleep. I just never made it back to it due to that. After reading these lists, I’m going to check out Master of None once I am done with these last few episodes of Jessica Jones.

      • Sense8InterFans

        Sense8 is the only show I’ve binge-watched in Netflix, I loved it. Episodes 1,2,3 are slow burnt but by the end of episode 3 you will know if you will love it or not. Episodes 1 to 3 were ok to me to keep me interested but once I hit end of episode 3 I knew I was going to love it. Loved the over all story, and every story arcs it is something different and you will need to have an open mind if you don’t this show is not for you.

    • Quinton Doucet-Barron

      Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is not worse than Hemlock Grove.

  • Dale Key

    Bojack is the best.

  • hoochiemoochie

    Really? Orange is the New Black has a higher percentage than Daredevil??? Bleck!

    • Caleb Peterson

      It doesn’t

      • hoochiemoochie

        My bad…I meant Orange is the New Black over House of Cards.

        • Tinwoods

          House of Cards has gotten worse and worse with each succeeding season. Surprised it’s as highly rated as it is.

          • hoochiemoochie

            Yea…no…not hardly.

          • sailor monsoon

            Oh yeah.
            I’ve never seen a show go down hill this fast since heroes.

          • hoochiemoochie

            Well I’m sorry you don’t enjoy the excellence that is House of Cards.

          • Jordan Nass

            But at least it started out good. I disliked Orange is the New Black from the start.

          • Aaron Petakia

            The second season lost me completely. Putting Frank in a pissing match with that billionaire (who’s name I forget) bored me to tears; so much of those machinations were told, not shown.

    • Gandolfication

      Right, it doesn’t – which surprised me.
      I may watch Daredevil sometime, although it looked really predictable to me.

      • Laura Fellomini

        Not ‘really predictable’, really. OITNB looked really predictable to me; like easy titillation and women in prison cliches.

        • Gandolfication

          I think that was my wife’s reluctance to watch OITNB.

          So you liked Daredevil and think it is fully realized enough to make it worth investing the time to watch?

          • Daniel Himechika Oshima

            I believe so. Vincent D’Onofrio really steals the show as its main villain. But it is a lot more reliant on superhero cliches than say ‘Jessica Jones.’ However, both shows have a relatively dark tone and atmosphere combined with great production value that puts them lightyears ahead of other Marvel franchises.

          • Aaron Petakia

            Jessica Jones had a lot of fantastic qualities, but it definitely had some issues with pacing and consistency. A certain someone should definitely not have been confined to a certain airtight somewhere until closer to the finale.

            I also straddled the line between believing Jessica’s near absence of strategic planning was simply a property of her character’s judgement being blurred by an urgent sense of guilt…
            and it just being the writers not thinking through and/or needlessly protracting a plot

      • hoochiemoochie

        I meant House of Cards.

      • Schwinn

        Not predictable at all. I mean it IS a superhero story so certain things can be expected, but overall the show pulls a lot of really satisfying storytelling punches. Arguably the best superhero story told–definitely a worthy comparison to The Dark Knight. I think it deserves to be among the top for sure.

        • Gandolfication

          Cool, thanks. I did read a couple reviews that echoed that when it came out. I plan to check it out when I have time.

      • Tinwoods

        You’re judging a show without ever having seen it? Next!

        • Gandolfication

          Wasn’t judging it so much as asking about it based on having watched its trailers, I think an extended look and reading about it. Lighten up there.

      • Jordan Nass

        Daredevil is hit and miss. D’onofrio as the villain is amazing, and the actor who plays Daredevil isn’t bad. His two sidekicks, however, are pretty terrible throughout.

        • Aaron Petakia

          I almost feel like they made Jessica Jones just to prove that Netflix and Marvel *can* make compelling, self-reliant female characters (they might have even overcompensated…)

          • TinCanPhone24

            I don’t know, I think that ‘Jones’ is possibly the most complicated, compelling female hero in the Marvel-verse.
            DD is the best superhero treatment I’ve seen to date. It’s real in it’s approach to how far one will go to make things better, and what is the source of good & evil.
            There are no real moral questions behind any of the big-screen Marvel types.
            Dark Knight is of the same ilk… but DD has the chance to flesh it out to a greater degree.

          • Aaron Petakia

            What real moral questions does DareDevil/MattMurdoch/AlliterationAssonance really deal with?

            He goes to beat up bad guys, and sometimes he gets hurt, and sometimes people around him get hurt. But he’s DareDevil, so he goes to beat up bad guys.
            Same thing with the Nolanverse. At the end of the day, after the hemming and hawing, after the moral vacillation, Batman beats up the bad guys. Big twist, he’s willing to let his public image be tarnished to let the public have their hero. In other words, he values symbolism over transparency.
            We may enjoy all the rest of it, it may *broach* interesting moral questions, but the main character never resolves the situation through superior moral judgment.
            The only truly famous comic book that ever truly challenges this dubious moral dynamic is the anti comic book, Watchmen.

            What does a hero with real moral depth do?
            Does s/he have to write an algorithm that determines which person on the transplant list get a donated organ?
            Does s/he try to figure out the least disruptive way to alter rent economics so as to rectify decades of injustice in the housing markets?
            Would you read that comic book?
            It’s the Bioethicist and HUDperson! Wrestling the rogues gallery of publicapathy, Red Tape, The Implicit Bigot, and Archaic Moral Value System!

    • Chaos Theory

      OITNB has more crossover appeal and it is Emmy bait so yeah I can see it being more popular then the gritty Daredevil. Both by the way are very good and not the least bit predictable unless you are a nitpicker.

  • Ricardo

    Master of None, Daredevil and Sense8 are my favorites. Haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet.

    I was loving the first season House of Cards until it completely fell apart near the end and I never watched again.

    • Gandolfication

      Why should someone watch Sense8? It sounds/looks interesting, but care to share why you liked it?

      • Ricardo

        It’s an ambitious sci-fi show that puts more effort on the characters, the atmosphere and some philosophical questions about life instead of all the plot. I’m not saying it doesn’t have a plot – it does – but some sci-fi shows overindulge in nonsense plot neglecting character development.

        It’s shot on location in 8 different countries. It’s not filmed in studios and fake cities. Berlin is really Berlin. Mexico really is Mexico. Seoul really is Seoul. So it looks gorgeous and each narrative has their own feel. The visuals are really strong. It’s very, very well directed.

        It focuses on 8 people, so the tone ranges from comedy to drama to martial arts giving you a lot of diversity and variety. Unlike the Game of Thrones guys, these guys actually know how to make the story move forward and how to transition between characters when you have a lot of them in a lot of different places.

        TLDR: It’s a sci-fi show with emphasis on characters. It’s ambition on both theme and scope is it’s best quality.

        • Gandolfication

          Thanks! With that, I’m likely to check it out over the holidays. Appreciate it.

          • HeyZeusKreesto

            Just don’t give up on it after one episode like I did. I recently went back and finished it, and while not perfect, I’m glad I took another look.

          • XJill

            Enjoy! Sense* would def be my #1 on the list!

  • Gandolfication

    I’ve watched some of these in full, missed others, and some tried and couldn’t get into and finish.
    My list in order would be, from best to worst:

    1. Bloodline – fantastic drama, can’t wait for season 2
    2. Jessica Jones – 2 episodes in, I think it is a great, dark drama wrapped in an interesting superhero motif
    3. House of Cards – 1st season was compelling, then it got a little stale and melodramatic for me, and I think it is played out now
    4. Master of None – 2 or 3 episodes in, it is funny and engaging. Ansaris’ real parents steal the show at times.
    5. Arrested Development – loved the network show; and watched most of the Netflix new seasons, but something(s) about the the Netflix reboot don’t feel the same – still funny though
    6. Wet Hot American Summer – I’ve watched
    7. Kimmy Schmidt – watched 3-4 shows – kind of charming, I love Tina Fey (and Ellie Kemper), but it was not nearly as funny or good by comparison to 30 Rock
    Haven’t watched yet, or barely started

    8. Orange Is The New Black – looks and sounds good – my wife doesn’t care to watch due to a Victorian (and vestigial) peccadillo regarding shows that seem to feature depictions of lesbian sex, so I haven’t watched more than half of the first show, but may eventually
    9. The Killing – I watched the first one and it looked like it had good atmospherics, but I couldn’t justify the time when shows like True Detective and so many other good shows were and are out
    10. Narcos – I’ll watch eventually
    11. Peaky Blinders – I read up and was going to watch Peaky Blinders, but couldn’t at the time – I need someone to convince me I should on this one.
    12. Daredevil – trailers and reviews looked pretty good, but I can’t believe it is leading the ratings

    *Honorable mention to the BBC show River that is now on Netflix – watched first episode and a half, and wow, it is good so far!

    Good to see a lot of praise for Jessica Jones. I hope Bloodline is around for a while – one of the best, absorbing dramas since Breaking Bad.

    • Ricardo

      Why can’t you believe Daredevil is leading the ratings?

      • Gandolfication

        I’m just saying that form the stand point that I hadn’t seen as much buzz about Daredevil as some of the other shows, and I guess my initial perception of it was probably colored form the Ben Affleck movie flop (which I did not see).

        • Ricardo

          I think the problem for Netflix dramas is that the buzz just fizzles out after a while because people have already seen it. Some gain a bit more buzz because of the Emmys.

          Daredevil is so above other superhero shows it’s not even funny. You should check out at least 2 episodes to see if you like it!

          • Gandolfication

            Cool, I will….although it may not be until I get through Jessica Jones…which I understand are going to make appearances in the same universe.

          • Tinwoods

            I really enjoyed Daredevil, but Jessica Jones, surprisingly, is far superior.

          • J_S_Mastropiero

            It touches more serious themes but the pacing is a bit unbalanced it feels they stretched the story a bit, main issue being Killgrave introduced way too soon and starts to feel repetitive aftera while also the sideplots with the divorce, Trish mom and Robin were completely unecessary and the writting and dialogues are not that tight in my opinion, overall I really enjoyed it but it has some noticeable flaws for me to call it an outstanding show.

        • PhoenixForce5

          I think Daredevil is a more cohesive show than Jessica Jones. The writing is just better and with stronger lead and supporting characters. JJ borrows a lot of themes from DD. It kinda drags after episode 6 but with DD it was consistently good. You can’t really judge when all you’ve seen are trailers and reviews.

          As a DD comicbook fan, this show was amazingly close to its source material. Talk about those fight scenes!

          • Chaos Theory

            Yes the fight scenes. If that is alloy care about then Daredevil wins hands down. However I enjoyed the emotionally driven Jessica Jones story a lot more.

          • PhoenixForce5

            If I hadn’t read the Alias comics years before watching Jessica Jones maybe I would have been impressed by it. there was so much of a disconnect from its source material that it lost a lot of what made it unique. Even jessica in the show isn’t representative of who she is in the comics. One of the things Marvel has been good at is that despite the liberties they take with their characters they still managed to get the essence of their characters down. With Jessica, it was a miss unfortunately.

        • J_S_Mastropiero

          THe main problem people had with Daredevil’s Affleck movie is that it didnt live up to the comis like the show has.

    • J_S_Mastropiero

      YOu barely have watched anything besides the frst season House of cards.

      • Gandolfication

        Well not quite. Though I’m not competing against anyone here, I have watched every episode of every HOC season, all of Bloodline, am on #5 of Master of None, watch 7 or 8 of the latest Netflix Arrested Developments (and all that aired on TV), am up to 7 on Jessica Jones, and have sampled some of the others. I also started watching the first couple BoJack Horseman episodes.

  • Laura Fellomini

    ‘The Killing’ gets a 70, but ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ gets a 92?!?! OITNB bored me and just seemed like titillation. I thought WHAS was just dumb, monotonous and a waste of great talent. You have H. Jon Benjamin and Paul Rudd and barely use them, but give that godawful Showalter character all that air time?

    • Gandolfication

      Oh, glad you shared about Paul Rudd. He is one of the main things I found funny in the first couple episodes, and I generally like him, so if he is in short supply in the rest of it, I’ll be glad to skip it.

    • HeyZeusKreesto

      I really enjoyed WHAS(movie and show), but you’re right. They used Showalter way too much in the show. The whole subplot with him and his “girlfriend” got old really quickly.

  • Flybigd

    Not in really any order:

    1. House of Cards changed the way TV is made and watched. Only trouble with all of these shows that drop a season of episodes at a time, is you lose momentum when you have to wait a year after binging a season
    2. Bloodline was perfectly cast and a story told pretty well
    3. Marco Polo and Orange were boring
    4. Narcos – Netflix, you have to go 90% English/10% Spanish or pull a Hunt for Red October. None of this 50/50 nonsense so you have to watch every minute or constantly rewind to read what you missed
    5. UKS was weak but I love whatshername
    6. Love that they are pushing the envelope on documentary
    7. I bet Peaky is great but I keep falling asleep
    8. Stand up is SOOOO hit and miss. Literally some of the best and some that is unwatchable

  • Pilgrim

    Watched the first half hour of Jessica Jones. Couldn’t watch any more. Gave it a single star because couldn’t rate it any lower.

    • Tinwoods

      You watched a half hour of an hour-long, ten-spisode show and gave it one star? What a dick. It’s a great show; in fact, in my top three. Just look at that 92% score to tell you how doltish you are.

      • No need to berate someone for having a different taste in shows than you. That said, yeah, people really need to watch 2-3 episodes of a show before they dismiss it. Most shows take AT LEAST that many episodes to really gain momentum.

        • Asura

          I wish I had only seen 2-3 episodes of Jessica Jones. At that point it was half-decent. By the end it’s puerile garbage.

    • King of Games

      Thats like watching the first half our of Breaking Bad’s pilot and saying it sucks. Nothing even happens in that time period lol.

      • Pilgrim

        No, it’s like watching for a half-hour and seeing two people fucking in my living-room. Porn will NOT come into my home. Giving it one star is my warning to others . . . this show is crap.

        • Kyler Cantrell

          Wait………… rated the entire show down for a single, honestly really tame scene of sex? A story element that bothers you on a personal level but might have no impact on anybody else?

          That’s not the show having poor quality. That’s just you being a poor critic.

          • TheIdiotBelowMe

            No ‘Netflix and chill’ for that guy lol

          • Pilgrim

            Yes it IS a poor quality show. You’re darn right! You have your criterion, I have mine. If it contains promiscuous sex, homosexuality or any other pornographic material that my grandchildren might see, I don’t want it coming into my home. That’s the MOST important criterion for the five-star rating system.

        • John Roberson

          I see where you’re coming from, Pilgrim. I do. It’s a scary world out there, and it’s easy to place blame and judgement. But the show is clearly intended for a mature audience, and art reflects life, not the other way around. Your judgement on the show obviously has nothing to do with it’s merits as an art form or as a piece of entertainment. A lot of people poured their heart and soul into developing these characters and telling this story. You think you’re being righteous and upholding moral standards, but you’re really just being nasty and dismissive of other people’s hard work.

          • Pilgrim

            You’re wrong, John Robertson, art does NOT reflect life. There aren’t superheroes, how is art reflecting life when life has no real superheroes? The media steers and drives standards and norms. How else do you explain the “sexual revolution” of the 70s? It crept in to our culture through the film industry and became the norm. Life reflects art, John. Monkey-see monkey-do.

            My 1-star rating of this show is what the ratings are designed for. So that regular people can let the producers know what they like and dislike. By expressing my opinion here maybe they’ll figure it out that America is a majority Christian nation and if they want to produce schlock and low-brow crap for the 5% who like it, that will be their audience. Shows that reflect higher moral standards are what the majority of Netflix customers will watch.

          • Shaun Anthony

            Good point Pilgrim? How do you explain the “sexual revolution” of the 70s. Simple. Television. As far as I know nobody was the least bit interest in sex until those depraved TV producers started promoting it.

          • ionekoa

            Not sure why you’re saying that to me, I haven’t even weighed in yet. To be fair, it goes both ways. As someone who used to write, and wrote poetry and fantasy, art definitely does imitate life. Even when writing about things that don’t exist like dragons, elves, etc. The happenings in my stories often reflected how I saw the world at the time. At the same time people are influenced by art. Its cyclical. Personally, while there were things in Jones that I didn’t like, over all I enjoyed the show. And yes there are people out there like “purple man”. They don’t have superpowers, but they are evil and they control and hurt people for their own enjoyment. This is the life that is reflected in this particular art.

  • Jordan Nass

    No Man in the High Castle, or did I miss it?

    edit: never mind, just remembered that was Amazon, not Netflix. Duh.

  • So happy Peaky Blinders is in the top 5. I went in with absolutely zero expectations and was absolutely blown away. Such a good show in such an interesting era of history!

  • akrauss

    No Knights of Sidonia – realize anime isn’t for everyone but it’s a decent enough Netflix original for those who like the genre. Surprised it has no critical reviews on this site.

    Also with the most recent Netflix produced original season Longmire definitely should get a mention.

  • VanHalen0515

    I’d say my favorite netflix show is bojack horseman. Haven’t seen any netflix originals that top it yet.

  • Screech Screecher

    Peaky Blinders really should be #1 on the list, nothing else really comes close. Only issue that show has is the short seasons, but still the best show they have by far.

  • Jim Morrow

    Yeah, right. This is a bit questionable. Peaky Blinders is great, and so are a few others, but I don’t buy Master of None at 100%; it’s too new to have a believable score yet.

    • Chaos Theory

      Well 100% of people who saw it liked it. I had no interest in it and didn’t watch it at all past the first 10 minutes and unlike some people don’t rate shows unless I get through at least two episodes of a show. I don’t think it’s fair to judge a show on the first five minutes.

      • Jim Morrow

        Watched two episodes-not five minutes. It was OK, and I really like Aziz, but as a show, it surprised me that it got 100%. Love for Aziz affecting critical judgment, maybe? I felt the same way about “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” OK-not great. Like the characters, but the show’s not there yet. I need to revisit it though. Also, I haven’t rated either of them, and won’t until I’ve gotten through at least 10 episodes. I don’t bother rating things that often, but I do attempt as much objectivity as I can.

  • Pretty gross to see Jessica Jones in 7th place. I enjoyed it more than Daredevil and it certainly should be Top 4.

  • Chris

    Wow, I don’t ever post on anything, ever. But this list is absurd. I have watched, well everything on this list except unbreakable and master of none. To put Orange over Cards, Hot American over the The Killing, or Jessica Jones over Bloodline is absolutely ridiculous. And Hemlock was not game changer, but certainly better then Narcos. And as fun as it was to re-visit American Summer, was in no way the same league as House of Cards, or even Lilyhammer for that matter. This list is funny….

  • victoriaramon

    How is The Fall not on this list?

    • Chaos Theory

      Technically not an original. It is an international import that Netflix has exclusive rights to in America. Same as Wentworth and Happy Valley.

  • Aaron Petakia

    Am I really the only one that can’t stand Master of None?
    Call me elitist, but I think Ansari’s take is stale, awkward, and derivative.
    He’s got his heart in the right place, though.

  • stratdragon

    Everything I’ve watched started out really good, got great and fell apart at the end. Kimmy Schmidt, and Master of None especially, great episodes (“Indians on TV” was an instant classic) but by the last ones I was watching to hope it would have a glimmer of what it captured early on, but they seemed distracted and without tempo.

  • nunnyon

    Sense8 is so good, but I also like Bloodline, Peaky Blinders and OITNB.
    If you rate Peaky Blinders, wouldn’t you have to include The Fall (also a great show)?

  • facebookbangout

    One thing I don’t get is that Peaky Blinders isn’t a netflix original, it was produced entirely by and aired originally on BBC2 here in the UK. I mean its great but I don’t think its a netflix original.

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