"Whiteout" Will Be Another Faithful Graphic Novel Adaptation

by | April 22, 2007 | Comments

Greg Rucka’s graphic novel "Whiteout," about a female US Marshal investigating the first murder in Antarctica, is the next Hollywood adaptation coming to the big screen. Screenwriter Christine Roum, currently working on day to day script polishes, assured Rucka’s fans that the film’s director has total reverence for the material.

"Dominic Sena really loved this book forever, so he’s staying very true as much as possible to the tone of it," she said.

Produced under Joel Silver‘s Dark Castle banner, "Whiteout" will be bigger than their usual horror movie output. "It’s a bigger feeling movie. It has a landscape that’s really big. It’s very ambitious as a film and very ambitious from a storytelling point of view because you’re dealing with character. It’s all about these characters in a very hyped up environment, the south pole. The suspense-thriller aspect of it is there. It’s plotted, it’s exciting but you’re really getting into the interaction between these people in an extreme environment. It’s like being on the moon."

Known for his loud verbal tirades, Roum finds Silver to be a quiet, unassuming gentleman. "He was. Dude, I was shocked. I have heard the stories. I have not experienced it thankfully."