ThinkFilm Makes an "Awesome" Deal with The Beastie Boys

by | November 2, 2005 | Comments

How’s a feature-length Beastie Boys concert movie sound? If you’re ThinkFilm (or me), you think it’s a pretty darn good idea, which is why you’ll see "Awesome: I F*ckin’ Shot That" in theaters next Spring … only I bet they shorten the title.

According to Variety, "Pic was helmed by Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch under his directing pseudonym Nathaniel Hornblower. He also produced with Jon Doran.

Project was shot at an Oct. 9 Madison Square Garden show in Gotham by handing out 50 cameras to audience members in the sellout crowd. Pic includes aud’s perspectives from 50 camera angles.

Think plans to open the pic in the spring after sending it on the fest circuit.

"(This film) is totally modern and witty aesthetically," said Think theatrical distribution head Mark Urman, "but is also fabulous to watch and listen to."

"(The film was shot by) a bunch of untrained camera operators," said Yauch. "But that gives the film sincerity. The people that shot it were feeling it."