The "Hitman" Claims a Release Date

by | February 13, 2007 | Comments

Fox’s game-to-movie adaptation "Hitman" aims to hit theaters in October of this year … but the flick doesn’t go into production until this April. Raise your hand if you think this one will get bumped back to next February.

According to IGN Movies, 10/12 is the release date. Leading man Timothy Olyphant will star as "Agent 47" — and yes, he’s a hitman. Based on the popular Eidos games, the movie will be directed by Frenchman Xavier Gens, from a screenplay by "Swordfish" scribe Skip Woods. As he does with virtually every movie made by a French person, Luc Besson will act as producer.

If I’d ever played any of the "Hitman" games, I’d be better equipped to offer a plot synopsis, but if it’s an action flick about a professional assassin, then it’s a movie I want to see. IGN promises more casting news soon.