The 5 Most Anticipated Movies in October

by | October 3, 2017 | Comments

A little over a month ago, we compiled the 5 Most Anticipated Movies in September, and the box office panned out fairly similarly. That is to say, IT blew everything out of the water. This month, it looks like Blade Runner 2049 may end up doing the same thing, considering it garnered more Want-to-See votes than the next three finishers combined. The new Denis Villeneuve film also took the top spot in all of our social media surveys by a wide margin, so it’s safe to say October will essentially be a race for second place.

With that in mind, here are the 5 most anticipated October movies on Rotten Tomatoes (and one honorable mention), based on Want-to-See votes and responses to polls on our social media channels. What are you most looking forward to seeing this month?

1. Blade Runner 2049 (2017) 88%

(Photo by Stephen Vaughan/Warner Bros.)

24k Want-to-See Votes
#1 Pick By Our Twitter and Instagram Fans

No big surprises here. Ridley Scott serves as executive producer, Denis Villeneuve (ArrivalPrisoners)is one of the most consistent directors working today, Ryan Gosling is Ryan Gosling, and Harrison Ford returns to reprise his role from the iconic original film. Thankfully, the final product appears to be as fantastic as its pedigree would suggest, as early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This could prove to be one of the biggest hits of the season, both commercially and critically.

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2. Geostorm (2017) 18%

(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)

7,740 Want-to-See Votes

Dean Devlin spent years writing and producing Roland Emmerich films like Independence Day and Godzilla, and now he’s looking to follow in Emmerich’s footsteps with a disaster movie of his own. His feature film directorial debut stars Gerard Butler as an astronaut who takes on a dangerous mission when the planet’s climate-controlling satellites begin to malfunction and cause global catastrophes. The supporting cast, which includes Andy Garcia, Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, Zazie Beetz, and Ed Harris, is nothing to sneeze at, but we’re still a little surprised this movie is as high on this list as it is.

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3. The Snowman (2017) 7%

(Photo by Jack English/Universal Pictures)

6,488 Want-to-See Votes

Based on the Norwegian crime novel of the same name by Jo Nesbø, this thriller about a brilliant detective on the trail of an elusive serial killer boasts a pretty impressive roster of talent: Tomas Alfredson (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) directs a cast that includes Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, J.K. Simmons, Chloë Sevigny, and Charlotte Gainsbourg, among others. It’s got a lot of potential, in other words, and if the last film based on a Nesbø novel (2012’s Headhunters) is any indication, it could be great.

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4. The Mountain Between Us (2017) 39%

(Photo by Kimberly French/20th Century Fox Film Corp.)

6,446 Want-to-See Votes

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet star in this survival thriller — also based on a novel — about two strangers who are forced to work together after their plane crashes in a snowy mountain range. It looks like Elba and Winslet are the only ones on screen for most of the film, but they’re both more than capable actors, and director Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now) himself is twice Oscar-nominated, so they’re in relatively good hands. Early reviews have been a little lukewarm, but it might be a fun bit of escapism.

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5. The Foreigner (2017) 66%

(Photo by Christopher Raphael/STX)

5,960 Want-to-See Votes

Somewhat unexpectedly, this Martin Campbell-directed action thriller starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan managed to bubble up to the fifth spot on our list. Chan stars as a London businessman with a secret past that comes back to haunt him when his daughter is killed in a terrorist act. Campbell’s done a couple of great James Bond films (including GoldenEye, which starred Brosnan), so he’s no stranger to action, and Chan is clearly still game, even at age 63. Chalk another one up for the “aging action stars” genre.

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Honorable Mention: Jigsaw (2017) 32%

(Photo by Brooke Palmer/Lionsgate)

4,752 Want-to-See Votes
#2 Pick By Our Instagram fans, #3 Pick By Our Twitter Fans

It just wouldn’t have felt right if we didn’t have at least one horror film on the Most Anticipated list for October, and as it happens, the latest chapter in the Saw franchise was big favorite on our social media channels. Nobody really believed the series was over when Saw 3D came out in 2010, right? This time around, a team of detectives attempt to unravel the mystery behind what they assume are copycat killings over a decade after Jigsaw’s death. Does the franchise have any clever new tricks? We’ll find out soon enough.

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