Stephen Chow Presents Exclusive CJ7 Clip to RT Readers!

From the director of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.

by | March 4, 2008 | Comments

You’ve probably heard
Stephen Chow‘s working on bringing us
a new Kung Fu Hustle, but the Chinese writer/director/actor has got another
project in store while we patiently wait:
, Chow’s sci-fi-comedy hybrid
that’s coming out this Friday. We’ve got
an exclusive clip for you here called
“The Most Violent Dog on Earth,” which starts with an introduction recorded by
Chow just for Rotten Tomatoes readers!

Chow stars as Ti, an unskilled laborer too poor to afford
his son (reportedly to actually be played by a girl) the latest toy, but
stumbles upon something even better: a squishy, happy alien-dog type thing.
Dubbed CJ7 the elastic extraterrestrial adds an interesting quirk to their lives
as the single father looks for work and romances women and his son contends with
school and bullies.

CJ7 is out in theaters March 7. Click
here to watch the
clip. And check out the trailer with its quick cut of somebody kicking a soccer
ball with rocket shoes. (Shaolin Soccer holla!)