Some Guy Sees "Rocky 6" Early; Sends Email to AICN

by | October 26, 2006 | Comments

Coming this Christmas to a theater near you is the fifth sequel to "Rocky." Some of you can’t wait; some of you can’t see the point. Either way, the movie geeks are pretty interested to see how the movie looks. Heck, it’s gotta be better than "Rocky 5," right? Well, according to some guy who emailed AICN, "Rocky Balboa" is a pretty good flick.

From AICN: "Okay, they just had one of the first screenings of ROCKY BALBOA here in Orlando at Downtown Disney and I was lucky enough to score seats. There will be some general content spoilers, but I’m not going to get into any specifics. Hopefully some or all of this gets printed…

Let’s just get one thing out of the way first: It’s REALLY good. This is the Rocky we’ve come to know and love, the Rocky that went the distance with Apollo Creed (as opposed to the Rocky that street fought Tommy Gunn…)."

…and that’s all I allowed myself to read. Who the hell wants spoilers at this point?