"Snakes" Handler Ready for "Asylum"

by | May 16, 2006 | Comments

David R. Ellis, director of "Final Destination 2," "Cellular," and the upcoming smash hit "Snakes on a Plane," has settled on his next project. It’ll be a dark horror flick called "Asylum," and it has to do with college kids getting murdered inside of a dorm that used to be a looney bin. Coooool.

Although I did get the initial report from Variety, it seems that the gorehounds over at Bloody-Disgusting.com are close pals with Mr. Ellis, so let’s get the full scoop from those guys:

"David Ellis tells B-D exclusively that the film follows "A group of freshman students who attend a summer orientation at their college. They are confronted by past tragic events in their lives and terrorized by a evil doctor that used to run the asylum, who performed various acts of torture on the patients. They have to figure out if it’s real or if they are the just imagining it," he continues, "When they realize it is in fact real it becomes a non-stop chase from the Dr. to stay alive … I like working in the R-rated horror films and this one will scare the **** out of people! I am working again with my producing partner, and daughter, Tawny Ellis."

Click here and here for a little more info.