RT Twitters, Live from the Oscars!

Backstage tweets on all the fashions, celebrities, winners, and more!

by | February 22, 2009 | Comments

Hollywood’s biggest night has finally arrived, and Rotten Tomatoes is right there on the ground to bring you real-time reports from backstage at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. If you’re already following RT on Twitter, then you’re a step ahead of the game, as we speak, Rotten Tomatoes is covering the telecast, live — from right inside the winner’s interview room in Hollywood, CA! (Sign up and follow RT here.)

RT’s own Jen Yamato (yes, yours truly) will be decked out in formal wear backstage at the Oscars, where she’ll be Twittering the telecast in real time. As winners make their way to the interview room, trophy in hand, you’ll hear the behind-the-scenes story about the night’s biggest winners. Who will be so excited about her win that she nearly loses a Jimmy Choo? Which nominee will get caught in the restroom as their name is called? We’ll be Twittering it all: winners (and losers), good (and bad) speeches, onstage shenanigans, backstage tears of joy, which A-listers are chummy off screen, and who’s had a few too many sips of Moet. (Browse our gallery of Oscar nominees here.)

Also expect to hear post-win reactions from this year’s winners as they appear for interviews throughout the night. Have a question for the night’s winners? Leave a comment below and, if you’re lucky, we’ll put it to the celebrities who come through the press room.

And for our full awards season coverage (including our new Oscars Trivia Quiz and lists of this year’s major award winners and nominees), make sure to visit our Awards Tour. With Rotten Tomatoes to guide you, this year’s Oscar pool is in the bag!

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