Romantic Comedy Next For Stop Loss Director Kimberly Peirce

Human Rights Organization spotlights the U.S. director for grant.

by | March 28, 2008 | Comments

In the nine years since Kim Peirce’s success with Boys Don’t Cry, she’s been pitched a number of projects but spent most of those years between researching and writing her newest film Stop Loss. However, Peirce’s next project appears to be a light and swift 180 from her past two issue-oriented films as she tackles a wholly different genre: the romantic comedy.

In an interview with RT, Peirce described her next project as a “reality inspired” romantic comedy, with a new spin. “[There are] two scripts that I’m writing,” Peirce said. “One is a dark sexual story and one is a romantic comedy, both inspired by reality. It’s a gender twist on the classical romantic comedy.”

Perhaps proving this romantic comedy will offer some socially relevant ideas, a UN associated Human Rights Organization has offered Peirce a grant to fund the first portion of production.

“They’re picking 20 filmmakers from 20 different countries and they’re giving us a really nice sized grant,” she explained. “I’m going to use [it] to shoot the first three minutes of the romantic comedy in the next few months.”

Though much has been made of the nine-year absence from filmmaking Peirce took between Boys Don’t Cry and this week’s Stop-Loss, she is preparing to take shorter rests between her next projects: “I’m reading scripts in Hollywood and hoping there’ll be a script I can jump into pretty quickly that I love and is meaningful.”

Stop Loss hits theatres today and currently has a Tomatometer of 61 percent.