Rodriguez Goes "Madman" for Dimension

by | December 21, 2006 | Comments

Robert Rodriguez will produce (but not direct) a big-screen version of "Madman," a horror/superhero comic book from author Michael Allred. And this project sounds pretty darn cool!

According to Variety, "George Huang ("Swimming With Sharks") will direct a script he’ll pen with Allred. Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan will produce via their Troublemaker Studios banner."Madman" is a post-modernist reimagining of the Frankenstein tale, with a superhero twist. Title character, killed in a car accident, is reanimated by an eccentric doc who names him Frank Einstein and instills in him enhanced senses, psychic power and exceptional physical skills. The doc can’t fix his creature’s face, so Madman wears a costume modeled after his fave superhero to hide his scars." (Click here for the full article.)

I’m sorry but that sounds like it could make for one helluva cool movie.