Razzie Awards Nominations 2016

Big Budget, High-Profile Rotten Movies Dominate 36th Razzie Nominations

by | January 13, 2016 | Comments

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation have announced the nominations for the 36th Annual Golden Razzie Awards. Read through for the full list of contenders, and make sure to cast your vote for the Razzie’s Redeemer Award at the end of this article, the vote will be open through February 14. This year’s “winners” will be revealed on an intentionally tacky ceremony scheduled for 8pm PT on Oscar Eve, February 27.

Worst Picture

Worst Actor

Johnny Depp


Jamie Dornan

Fifty Shades of Grey

Kevin James

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

Adam Sandler

The Cobbler and Pixels

Channing Tatum

Jupiter Ascending

Worst Actress

Katherine Heigl

Home Sweet Hell

Dakota Johnson

Fifty Shades of Grey

Mila Kunis

Jupiter Ascending

Jennifer Lopez

The Boy Next Door

Worst Supporting Actor

Chevy Chase

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Vacation

Josh Gad

Pixels and The Wedding Ringer

Jason Lee

Alvin & The Chipmunks: Road Chip

Eddie Redmayne

Jupiter Ascending

Worst Supporting Actress

Kaley Cuoco

Alvin & The Chipmunks 4: Road Chip [Voice Only] and The Wedding Ringer

Julianne Moore

Seventh Son

Amanda Seyfried

Love the Coopers and Pan

Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel

Worst Screen Combo

All Four “Fantastics”

Fantastic Four

Johnny Depp & His Glued-On Mustache


Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson

Fifty Shades of Grey

Kevin James & EITHER His Segue OR His Glued-On Mustache

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Adam Sandler & Any Pair of Shoes

The Cobbler

Worst Director

Sam Taylor-Johnson

Fifty Shades of Grey

Josh Trank

Fantastic Four

The Wachowskis (Andy & Lana)

Jupiter Ascending

Worst Screenplay

Simon Kinberg, Jeremy Slater

Fantastic Four

Kelly Marcel

Fifty Shades of Grey

Andy and Lana Wachowski

Jupiter Ascending

Kevin James & Nick Bakay

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling


  • Gimhana Fernando

    Juilanne Moore and Eddie Redmayne won their Oscars just last year…. And now they’re on Razzie lists?
    Tis the world we live in.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Plenty of people have won both Oscars and Razzies.

      • David

        Hasn’t Holly Berry won both?

        • Kevin Landry

          So has Sandra Bullock… She won both on the same weekend on top of that.

        • doc

          She showed up in person to “accept” her Razzie for Catwoman. The speech was great. Check it out on YouTube.

      • Gimhana Fernando

        I’m aware of that. It’s just that this may be the first time that both the Leading Actor and Actress winners have wound up on the following years Razzie list.

        • phylos

          Sandra Bullock won both the same weekend. Tis the world we live in.

    • Dr.Malicious, MD

      Well their respective “performances” were terrible so this is what is to be expected, Oscars be damned. Does add for some juicy irony though, lol.

    • Tom McCarthy, the director of The Cobbler, also directed Spotlight this year. So, he could hypothetically direct both the best picture Oscar winner and a movie with some Razzie nominations (though not worst picture) in the same year.

      • Vits/Vicente Torres

        That could also happen with Johnny Depp (BLACK MASS), Eddie Redmayne (THE DANISH GIRL) and Rooney Mara (CAROL).

        • Guess it’s a year of really high highs and really low lows for a lot of people.

  • Vits/Vicente Torres

    Out of the 45 nominees, 20 were ones I voted for. I must point out that I used 7 write-ins (none of them made it). Not to complain, but I prefer when the nominations announcement video has all the categories.

    Considering that PITCH PERFECT PART 2, THE VISIT and CONCUSSION got only decent reviews while CREED got excellent reviews, I’ll vote for Sylvester Stallone. I don’t know why that category has 4 nominees instead of 5. And shouldn’t Will Smith be listed for FOCUS too (the reviews were on the same level as CONCUSSION)?

  • Dale Michael

    Human Centipede three was hilarious

  • Dr.Malicious, MD

    I was wondering where you were for last years Razzie nominations Mr. Redmayne! And Johnny Depp…I stopped caring about this guy a long time ago, he is just so fucking overrated. He needs to retire or just go away for a couple of years and stop wasting everyone’s time (and money) with his crappy movies. Hey Johnny Boy, I hear those pipes, and they are a-calling!

    • Dr.Malicious, MD

      Also, I like how they got “The Murphy” to play the doctor, lol.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Last year’s nomination? Did you think he deserved a Razzie for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING?

      • Dr.Malicious, MD

        When did Jupiter Ascending come out? I forget and was too lazy to look it up when I wrote that comment. I thought that he was going to get nominated for a Razzie for JUPITER ASCENDING last year but if I made a mistake then my bad ( I saw a pirated version of the film online in 2014 so that is probably why I thought it came out that year :/ )…

      • MovieBuff

        Yes he did. He deserves it every time he plays in a film.

  • John Howell

    Why do the Razzies only cover Hollywood blockbusters?

    • Vits/Vicente Torres


      • Clark

        Not all of those are flops though, Boy Next Door did great on a low budget, Vacation made over $100 million worldwide, and Love the Coopers did better than expectations.

        • Vits/Vicente Torres

          I thought “blockbuster” meant “movie (usually from the action genre) with a high budget meant to be one of the highest-grossing films of the year”.

          • Clark

            Yeah i know, but I’m pointing out that it’s not like all those examples did terrible at the box office (although some of those did).

  • What About These Stinkers

    Ant-Man, Kingsman, and Hateful Eight all deserve the dishonor of being here. Just goes to show you that all you need is a few quirky/over the top scenes to fool people into thinking your movie is good.

    • phylos

      “Just goes to show you that all you need is a few quirky/over the top scenes to fool people into thinking your movie is good.”

      Explain Jupiter Ascending being here, then.

    • localman22

      Oh, jeeze, you obviously need to learn the difference between a “bad” movie and one you personally didn’t like. I haven’t seen Hateful Eight, but both Ant-Man and Kingsman were entertaining action movies done pretty well all the way through. Ant-Man is considered by most Marvel fans to be in the top 50% of the Marvel movies, all of which are pretty good.

    • Solar Flash

      Ant man was great!

    • MovieBuff

      Kingsman was hands down the best film of 2015. The fuck are you talking about?

      The films that should be here are Star Wars 7 and Fury Road.

  • JR

    Well it looks like if Redmayne gets lucky he could have a possible Oscar nomination for best actor in a lead in addition to this Razzie nomination. It goes to show how inconsistent actors can be. Also I have to protest a little. I dont think that Fanning deserves this nomination. Dornan for sure but her performance wasnt Razzie worthy. It wasnt great but not that bad either. Nor do I think the movie while not great, was Razzie worthy. There are at least 3 movies that were way worse then 50 Shades of Grey that should be on that list.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      1) You mean Johnson?
      2) Which 3 movies?

      • JR

        Ah youre right I meant Johnson. Its almost an automatic reflex to say Fanning after Dakota.

        As for the 3 movies (I could give you a whole laundry list); 1) The Night Before 2) Hot Pursuit (Vergara should have got Johnson’s spot on the Razzies) 3). The Last Witch Hunter (Diesel should have gotten Dornan’s spot). I could go on, I thought Ted 2 was awful and Pixels a better picture than Ted 2.

        • MovieBuff

          Bullshit. Ted 2 was the only funny comedy of 2015.

          • JR

            There were two movies that were way funnier than that awful Ted 2. Spy and Train wreck. To say that Ted 2 was the “only” funny movie of 2015 has sealed your lack of credibility as a move watcher.

          • MovieBuff

            What are you talking about? Spy and Trainwreck were absolutely awful!! Considering them better than Ted 2 has sealed your lack of credibility as a move watcher.

          • JR

            Just reading your comments makes my IQ drop fast, Im convinced your are just an adolescent who writes from the basement somewhere.

          • MovieBuff

            What !Q points? You don’t have any!

    • MovieBuff

      Nothing inconsistent about Redmayne. The difference that one film is a original and unique sci-fi with no overt political posturing which the academy and the razzies hate, and the other one is about 1920s Bruce Jenner.
      The acting is pretty much the same: terrible

      • JR

        It most certainly is inconsistent. The acting may require different methods but you can be a good actor in different types of movies. As for your adolescent opinion of Redmayne’s performance, this is from someone who thinks that all of Kubrick’s movies with exception of one were horrible. You are in a minority of one…you.

        You dont have a clue about movies..

        • MovieBuff

          LMAO! You’ve been in a hugbox too long if you think my dislike of Kubrick is unique to me. The only people who like Kubrick are pretentious film students and wannabe film critics who go with the crowd of the pretentious.
          As someone else said “Nobody actually likes 2001: A Space Odyssey, they just want to be seen liking it.”

          • JR

            You are without a doubt the dumbest person I have ever come across online. I don’t doubt there are other morons like you who dont like Kubrick. Morons who write as though they know anything about movies and typing stuff out in the basement of their parent’s home.
            Its easy for me to believe that anyone who thinks Ted 2 was funny is going to hate Kubrick.
            Its like a little child who only wants to eat pizza and hot dogs and nee wants to grow up and eat a nice veal. In other words your mental acumen to appreciate Kubrick was stunted a some time ago. You just write your stupid ideas top act so contrarian and rebellious as if anyone is going to be impressed by it other than you. Anyone who denies Kubrick as one of the greatest film makers of all time is in the same category as Holocaust deniers and 9/11 truthers. The person you quoted is one such person.

            The crowd is right and the adolescent basement tin foil hat dwellers like you are wrong, as always.

          • MovieBuff

            The crowd is nearly always wrong, and your laughable attempts at insulting just fall as flat as your other attempts at arguments. Though I supposed that’s to be expected from pretentious idiots who circlejerk each other and think that by doing that that their personal tastes become more relevant. The only thing to appreciate about Kubrick is his ability to convince critics that his self-masturbatory pieces of crap were somehow high are, rather than just an exercise in pretension.

          • gameofgoons

            Congratulations on demonstrating that you can write in a very angry tone and use pejoratives like “pretentious” and “masturbatory” in order to avoid giving actual reasons for your argument.

          • MovieBuff

            So….just like the other guy?

  • Trev

    Fifty Shades of Grey? Really? I mean, the movie wasn’t really that good, but it’s such an easy target. It’s actually kind of lame that the Razzies nominated it. There are so many other bad movies in 2015 that would make for more inspiring choices.

  • eli

    I knew there was a reason I haven’t bothered watching any of these films.

  • Sam Mills

    It’s a pretty redundant list here, with pretty much the same films and associated actors showing up in virtually every category. The real question is whether any of these films are really that bad, or simply underwhelming. l have found there’s a cynical tone to the Razzies, which pretty much demonize films that are simply misguided or failed to live up to their potential, but were made with the best of intentions (Jupiter Ascending, The Cobbler being prime examples).

    • Dr.Malicious, MD

      Or maybe…they’re just bad films that deserve razzie nominations/wins. Best intentions does not equal a good film…

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      I saw most of the films nominated. Some did have potential; others were clearly lazy productions.

      • Marc

        These awards are for trolls. I liked Pixels and feel most people hate on Adam Sandler because it’s cool. You know what kind of movies you’re going to get from him.

        • Vits/Vicente Torres

          1) Hating a movie already hated by most people is being a troll?
          2) It’s OK if you liked PIXELS. Everyone is entitled to their opinion… but that’s not a 1-way street. You have to respect those who didn’t like it.
          3) It’s cool to hate on Adam because he makes mostly bad movies and doesn’t even try. Something you already know since you said that we know what to expect from him. By the way, that’s not an excuse. Bad movies are bad movies.

    • Thedude3445

      Razzies are almost always just the most popularly-hated movies of the year. Jupiter Ascending and Pixels are nowhere near as bad as many other movies that came out this year.

    • getaloadofthis

      #RazziesSoWhite (as they should be.)

      • Vits/Vicente Torres

        What do you mean? They didn’t nominate only whites.

    • Phlebas

      An interesting discussion, likely best saved for a year there isn’t a Paul Blart movie on the list.

  • MontyPythonFanatic2


    Take that Wachowskis, that’s what you get for trying to make an imaginative sci-fi movie. Let that be a lesson to you.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Yes: They tried to make an imaginative sci-fi movie. The key word is “Tried”.

      • MontyPythonFanatic2

        Jupiter Ascending is a mess. It had too many ideas crammed in and had a lot of bizarre choices, both in the writing and acting departments. In no way does that qualify it for Worst Picture of the Year. JA is very watchable, and often entertaining – even purposefully entertaining at a lot of points. And I’d always prefer to watch a film that was too ambitious over one that had no ambition at all.

        I won’t argue that JA is worthy of celebration. It’s a mess with lots of good qualities that hopefully its creators will learn from. But while ANY of the films I listed exist, JA in no way deserves to be ranked with the lowest of the low. (In fact, for all its faults, even the Fifty Shades movie is better than most of the movies I listed. And I definitely did not enjoy Fifty Shades.)

        • DoctorKillpatient

          Don’t worry, it won’t win, if that is what you are worrying about. 50 Shades will do a clean sweep in most of the categories.
          Though, they should throw one at Eddie Redmayne to compliment his upcoming Oscar nomination, since his “performance” in JA was quite hilarious.

    • TheAverageGuyTAG

      I’ve heard that Jupiter Ascending is hilariously bad. Like, piss-your-pants funny bad.

      • nilbud

        Its very pretty but invisible rollerblades suck so hard it just sobers you right out of the illusion.

    • Jackie Jormpjomp

      Yes. It’s the worst. It’s modern Plan 9 but without the conviction or charmingly low budget production values. Hey I could eat some weird stuff and crap out something original, but it doesn’t mean it deserves to be on the big screen.

    • CERO

      since when HOME was that bad?

  • TERMINATOR GENISYS has been snubbed!

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Since its release, I assumed it was a lock-in for a Worst Picture nomination. I was shocked when I saw it only listed for Worst Remake or Sequel in the ballots.

  • James Tarr

    I didn’t find FF4 THAT repulsive.

  • Ian McWilliams

    Seems the award ceremonies don’t recognise the NETFLIX films, whether it’s a brill one like Beast of No Nations or a shit one like The Ridiculous Six.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      BEASTS OF NATION was shown in a couple of specific theatres (which is why it got some nominations from other awards), while THE RIDICULOUS 6 wasn’t.

    • MovieBuff

      Do Netflix films play in cinemas?

  • Jim222001

    Let’s face it we all know why Pixels was picked on so much. Because Ridiculous 6 wasn’t released in theaters.
    Michelle Monaghan deserves way better than starring in a Sandler film. Which goes for most actresses who play a love interest of his. But deserving of a Razzie nomination just because she starred opposite him ? No.
    While Dakota Johnson was adorable in Fifty Shades and has a future if 3 of those films don’t kill her career.

  • Ryan Fuller

    How could you miss HOT PURSUIT for worst movie of the year ???? ALOHA would make a strong case for worst movie as well.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Both were in the ballots for Worst Picture.

  • Rodycaz

    Eddie Redmayne nominated for a Razzie and probably an Oscar. Legend.

    • Firdaus

      I believe Sandra Bullock won both Razzie and Oscar on the same year.

      • Rodycaz


      • iluvrsmith

        And she showed up to get her razzie as well 🙂

        • Pinkk

          Was that the one for worst couple and they were never a couple in the movie?

      • Wayne Turner

        Yeap worst actress for All About Steve (It also “won” for worst picture that year.It also co-starred Bradley Cooper.No one’s career was ruined in the making of this…).

        While Bullock won the best actress oscar for The Blind Side.

        Yeap all in the same year,and the first person and so far only person to have this achievement.As pointed out she showed up to collect her razzie award 🙂

        • Vits/Vicente Torres

          1) TRANSFORMERS 2 won.
          2) I’d say Thomas Haden Church’s career was ruined.

      • Inspector Javert

        I would marry that woman, Jesse James must have a brain the size of a pumkin seed.

    • Jose

      Rooney Mara is also Razzie and Oscar nominated this year…

  • Rodycaz

    Fun fact: the director of The Cobbler also directed Spotlight.

    • MovieBuff

      That says a lot about Spotlight

    • mrjuancho

      The director of the “Godfather Trilogy” and “Apocalypse Now” also directed “Jack”.

  • Terrace L.

    I know the second Paul Blart film adaptation is clearly very watered-down and simplistic compared to the original light novels, but I still don’t think that justifies all the “nominations” it’s getting. It may lack the intrinsic depth and character development that the original story had, and it cut out some of the more important scenes to keep the story family-friendly, but the Le Reve scene was gorgeously directed and filled with profound symbolism. Either way, the film was decent at best as a standalone product, and mostly an interesting spin-off if you’re an avid fan of the franchise’s original content.

    • MovieBuff

      Are….are you sure you know what you are saying?

  • Ryan Girolamo

    Wait no Jem and the Holograms nomination?

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      No one saw it.

      • Ryan Girolamo

        Good point.

        • Inspector Javert

          Reminds me of an SNL sketch where a David Carouso impresonator came out to Regies and Kelly impersonators and said in between NYPD blue and CSI he made a lot of movies, when he listed each one Regies responded with “nobody saw it”

      • Pinkk

        I did! It really wasn’t as bad as people say, though it did need work for sure. Like less youtube videos playing in it. :p

        • MovieBuff

          It was even worse than people have said. One of the top 5 worst films of the year for sure

          • Pinkk

            Not that bad by far, it’s like you’re not counting films that went straight to dvd. :p

          • MovieBuff

            Nobody counts the films that go straight to DVD.

          • Vits/Vicente Torres

            It didn’t go straight to DVD.

      • Heather McCrillis

        That’s no excuse.

        • Vits/Vicente Torres

          If voters don’t see a movie, how can they vote for it?

  • Johann Bach

    Point Break?

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      It was on the ballots for Worst Remake or Sequel, but since it came out so late in the year, not enough voters had time to see it.

  • MovieBuff

    Shame Star Wars 7 isn’t here anywhere

    • Firdaus

      For being the only movie with 93% critics rating? I don’t think so.

  • Ben Abramowitz

    Am I the only one who thinks that Pixels is worse than Fant4stic? Even though Fant4stic was really boring and oddly-paced, it didn’t straight-up offend me in the way that Pixels did. And that’s sad, because the visuals were pretty unique in Pixels and the concept seemed fun. I think it would’ve worked better if Edgar Wright directed and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost replaced Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

    That said, I’m sure Trank has locked in Worst Director for disowning his movie on Twitter, and Fant4stic will win Worst Remake, because now people think the 2005 movie is good because of this.

    • FoxyMoustache

      Aw Gawsh! What could have been with a Pegg/Frost combo. And a little more scripting sensibility. And a less cliche, less America-centric setting.

  • Ben Abramowitz

    My picks:

    Worst Pic: 50 Shades
    Actor: Dornan
    Actress: Kunis
    Supp. Actor: Gad or Redmayne
    Supp. Actress: Mara
    Couple: Dornan and Johnson
    Remake/Sequel: Fant4stic
    Director: Trank
    Screenplay: Marcel or Wachowskis
    Redeemer: Stallone

  • Kasi Lucas

    i’m actually disappointed by some of these nominations because there were sooo many bad movies in 2015 that makes me think that RT has a bias against some actors and films. in my opinion Fant4stic was alot better than that crap with Jessica Alba & i appreciated that they went in a different direction. to me it was an okay movie. Mall Cop 2 was another generic comedy but was it really worst than Aloha? JA was bad, the acting was bad,the story line was bad, everything was bad. i guess spectacles have gotten oscar tinted.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Why is there a bias? Can’t they just be bad movies? “spectacles have gotten oscar tinted”. What does that mean?

      • Kasi Lucas

        Oscar tinted means that they have developed a prejudice – that there standard for bad movies = Adam Sandler & they are biased because they’re starting to act like bullies on a play ground just because something is different

        • Vits/Vicente Torres

          Sorry, I should’ve said “Why does there HAVE TO be a bias?”.

          • Kasi Lucas

            there should be no bias because then they will become bullies!
            Yeah the razzies poke at bad movies but it should never be in a malicious spirit. it should reflect that yeah – this was bad attempt, ‘or duded u crashed and burned, ‘or even what not to do in hollywood. but it should never be a platform for a vendetta

          • Vits/Vicente Torres

            What vendetta? This isn’t in a malicious spirit. They obviously do it for fun. If you see the ceremonies and/or the people accepting their Razzies (in the YouTube channel) you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Mykl Levi

    Jupiter Ascending was painful to watch. As was Paul Blart 2. I didn’t bother with the Fantastic Four. Cobbler wasn’t that bad. I actually enjoyed that one.

  • Vivaldi

    And where is Ed Helms as the worst actor for Vacation?

  • Danielle Hoveland

    “Fifty Shades of Grey” should really sweep this year’s Razzies. Deservedly so as I understand, though I haven’t been masochistic enough to attempt watching it myself.

  • Kyo Hahn

    Stanley Kubrick was once nominated for worst director. That in itself should demonstrate that no one should pay any attention to these clowns.

    • MovieBuff

      Stanley Kubrick should have won Worst Director every time he made a film, with the exception of Full Metal Jacket.

      • Lee

        hush now

      • Where’sTheTruth?

        You forget I think, That, The Late GREAT Stanley Kubrick cast Tom Cruise in a film of his. Clearly senility had already set in. I mean that in itself “casting Cruise” just made me very sad!

        • MovieBuff

          May have been one of the few good casting decisions of his life. Too bad the film was crap

    • Inspector Javert

      Remember that Kubrick was the one who wanted that awful ending to AI. A good director can make a mistake.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      That was during the 1st ceremony, when there weren’t a lot of voters. Besides, a lot of people hated THE SHINING when it came out.

  • Mark

    A Walk In The Woods, staring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte–Now there’s a bear attack worth an award.

  • TerryShareefDavis

    No Black People nominated?? Im boycotting I cant take this disrespect anymore #RAZZIESSOWHITE

    • MovieBuff

      I’m pretty sure that they would be called racists if they nominated any black people.

      • Panjandrum66

        Try nominating Spike Lee for a Razzie & watch what happens…

        • Rhino40

          I have to admit, you have a point. On the other hand, they did nominate will smith last year, and as I recall, he is a black man.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Michael B. Jordan (Worst Combo) and Will Smith (Redeemer) are black.

    • NyxNax

      lol, was a there even a worse movie or worse let down than the ones nominated that contained a black person as a primary role?

  • FT_Ward

    Has it been pointed out that all the actors nominated for “worst” awards are white? Surely this is a sign of racism. Shouldn’t there automatically be more diversity in making fun of bad movies? There must be some black actors whose work was worse than the nominees. For diversities sake can’t we just pretend one or two were worse?

    • SpaceGhostCTC

      They can give Will Smith worst accent

      Oscars snubbed Sammie J! He killed it in h8ful eight.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      Jennifer López isn’t white. Also, did you skip the Redeemer category?

  • Pinkk

    Worst movie of 2015 was Fantastic Four. Nothing was worse! For a main stream movie anyways, I’m sure there was something far far worse that no one ever heard of :p

  • Alma Felix

    Fifty Shades of Grey Great Winner kkkk

  • Where’sTheTruth?

    I really do not understand how Channing “on my knee’s” Tatum get’s a nomination for only one of his horrible performances. I mean come on. Give anyone numerous chances at turning in an average performance and they will eventually do it. Tatum is not only a bad actor but a rancid fracking actor. Am I a hater No. I just know for a fact how and why he got the chances he got over some really great talent!! And I think that sucks literally and figuratively!

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      In 2015, he was only in 2 other movies and they were well-received. I won’t mention one of them, because it was a cameo. The other one was MAGIC MIKE XXL.

  • Alec

    I think it’s pretty obvious who the redeemer award goes to. Sylvester Stalone for agreeing to not do Rambo movies anymore.

  • Thiago Eugenio

    I believe Fant4stic is the most disappointing movie this year. I was so excited when I read Josh Trank would be the director (“Chronicle” is the best live-action “Akira” we could have), but then the movie turned to be a total mess.

    And there’s no best redemption story than Sly’s… again!

  • Inspector Javert

    Sandler deserves a lifetime achievement award. He can make very good movies, or at least heartfelt ones (Click, Anger Management) and he’s not that bad an actor. He just seems to be committed to making horrible movies (Grownups 1 and 2 alone should earn him a life size razzie statue of himself) its a waste of talent.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      The Lifetime Achievement Razzie has only been given out a few times. I think it’s better to wait until the person is old and/or retired and/or banished from Hollywood.

  • Gillis Veber

    The Razzies are so pompous and arrogant, like a bunch of hipsters who decide what is cool to hate.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      They’re voted by critics and audiences, and their nominations are for critical and/or financial failures. It’s not that it’s cool to hate on those movies; it’s that they deserve the hate.

    • NyxNax

      and really its not hate, its just a parody. It’s supposed to be funny/taken lightly. These celeberities can handle it; they know every movie is not going to be a hit so they might as well have fun with the ones that don’t work out.

  • Ricardo Pereda

    the forest should have been nominated for worst movie, worst screenplay.

    • Vits/Vicente Torres

      That’s a 2016 release.

  • Rhino40

    Some of these movies are truly aweful, but I don’t get why everybody hates Jupiter Ascending so much. I mean it was no Citizen Kane, but as sci-fi action flicks go, it really was not that bad, and the special effects were cool.

    • NyxNax

      I think really it has to do with the hype train that was around it. It had so much buzz that I think it’s just considered one of the biggest let-downs of the year.. I agree with you though, It wasnt terribad but it sure wasnt great.

  • ololuge

    This event – awards – is not on TV?

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