Rachel McAdams to be "Iron Man's" Pepper Potts?

by | December 7, 2006 | Comments

Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson, Superman has Lois Lane, The Hulk has … Jennifer Connelly, and now it looks like "Iron Man" may have found his very own hottie to hug, smooch, and rescue from various villains. How do Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams sound, as a couple?

From Latino Review: "Remember when we told you about Brandon in Superman? And Heath in The Dark Knight? When we have casting scoops for comic book films – you can take it to the bank. Now, we have another one for you.

My super source tells me that the IRON MAN script went out EXCLUSIVELY to the superhot Rachel McAdams! It seems they want Rachel for the part of Virginia "Pepper" Potts. Now I am not saying that she is going to take the part, merely saying that she is their top choice."

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