Oscars Nominations 2016: The Revenant Leads the Race

The Revenant leads with 12 nominations; Mad Max follows with 10.

by | January 14, 2016 | Comments

The Academy Awards nominations for 2016 are in! Read through for the full list of nominees announced this morning  by actor John Krasinski, Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs, and filmmakers Guillermo del Toro and Ang Lee. The 88th Oscars will be hosted by comedian Chris Rock on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

Best Picture

Best Directing

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Christian Bale

The Big Short

Tom Hardy

The Revenant

Mark Ruffalo


Mark Rylance

Bridge of Spies

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Jennifer Jason Leigh

The Hateful Eight

Alicia Vikander

The Danish Girl

Kate Winslet

Steve Jobs

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Animated Feature Film

Best Documentary Feature

Best Writing – Original Screenplay

Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Film Editing

Best Music – Original Score

Best Music – Original Song

“Earned It”

Fifty Shades of Grey

“Manta Ray”

Racing Extinction

“Simple Song #3”


“Til It Happens To You”

The Hunting Ground

“Writing’s On The Wall”


Best Production Design

Best Costume Design

Best Sound Editing

Best Sound Mixing

Best Visual Effects

Best Make Up and Hairstyling

Best Short Film – Live Action

  • Ave Maria
  • Day One
  • Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut)
  • Shok
  • Stutterer

Best Short Film – Animated

  • Bear Story
  • Prologue
  • Sanjay’s Super Team
  • We Can’t Live Without Cosmos
  • World of Tomorrow

Best Documentary Short

  • Body Team 12
  • Chau, Beyond the Lines
  • Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah
  • A Girl on the River: The Price of Forgiveness
  • Last Day of Freedom
  • Thescaredshadow

    I’ve never heard of Room, but yet it’s nominated for 4 categories.

    • It looks good.

    • Jeffrey B

      You’re tearing me apart Lisa!

    • TakeTheFall

      “I did not get Best Picture. It’s bullshit! I did not get Best Picture. I did NOOOT! Oh, hi, Mark.”

      • clone


      • Steve Blagg


    • Jim

      Great movie. Just watch it – don’t go into it seeing any trailers or reading about it because it will give too much away. I watched it without knowing a thing and found it all the more intriguing because of it.

    • Derk73

      Great movie based on an absolutely incredible book.

    • Neil

      It is shocking that they did not consult you on what movies you’ve heard of and then make their decisions. God the Academy is so arrogant sometimes….

      • Michael Carver

        It’s just so wrong how they ignore him. Maybe next year….

    • Michael Carver

      I didn’t see that room either. The door must have been closed when I walked by.

  • Nikhil Nandu

    YES The Revenant is cleaning up

    • schmikel

      I’m indifferent other than the Tom Hardy nom, he was nothing short of brilliant and the most memorable character in this order: 1. Tom hardy ( best actor period) 2. The Bear (best visual effects). 3 Leo ( best actor to still not win best actor) Fassbender gets it.

      • 32gq

        I’ve got to agree on this one leo was good but man hardy low key stole the show in that movie he was to perfect for the role no lie, he should win best supporting actor

    • Mehdi Tlili

      Should win an Oscar for the most flat boring scenario out there….

  • plan9

    Whoever typed this article needs to turn on spell check.

  • eli

    10 noms for Mad Max: Fury Road. Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!

    • VoiceOver

      yes, and it will be lucky to eventually get even one, but I hope I’m wrong obviously. I hope at least Miller will get the oscar for spending 15 years of his life creating this miracle

    • schmikel

      I would be fine with MM sweeping every category just to shake things up. The fallout would be hilarious and then I wake up smiling for a moment and then start cursing because Bridge of spies won.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Glad to see When Marnie Was There got a nomination. I find it slightly better than Inside Out. Still need to see Bridge of Spies.

    • Ulises Castro Mercado

      I cried like a girl with that movie… Marnie deserves the award.

      • Jose Rodriguez

        I had that same reaction with the film. It should go Marnie but it’ll definitely go to Inside Out. Either way, i enjoyed both films.

  • Rodycaz

    Fury Road doesn’t deserve to be nominated for Best Picture. There, I said it, bring on the hate.

    • Mauricio José Orta

      Definitely not a bad movie, but I don’t see it deserving a best picture award.

    • Brent

      I agree. As good as it is, I don’t think it’s Oscar worthy, nor does it stand a chance of winning.

    • Justin Beagley

      i doubt it will win because it’s an action movie. And action movies don’t win best picture. But to say it doesn’t deserve a nom is ridiculous. 10 best movies of the year:
      1. mad max
      2. brooklyn
      3. sicario
      4. inside out
      5. the night before
      6. bridge of spies
      7. room
      8. dope
      9. beasts of no nation
      10. star wars

      (haven’t seen revenant, carol, spotlight, or the big short yet)

      • Keaton

        Well then you can’t really make this judgement. I have seen all of these movies and you’re out of your mind if you actually think The Night Before is the fourth best movie of the year. For me without a doubt it’s Spotlight and I was super sad to see that Michael Keaton didn’t get a nomination.

        • Justin Beagley

          I’m sure a few of the movies i haven’t seen will replace a few of the movies on my list. But mad max and brooklyn are two of the best movies i’ve seen in years, so i highly doubt anything is going to dethrone them – although i have heard that the big short was incredible.

          And the night before is one of the funniest movies i’ve ever seen… just because it’s a comedy doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the attention. It had a great story, and it was hilarious.

          • Robert Goldstein

            Wow. The Night Before may have been one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I may have laughed mildly twice during that movie, and Michael Shannon was the only good thing in that movie. We went with friends and we all hated The Night Before. What a waste of money.

      • KingRichard22

        lol I think everyone took ur list seriously until “The Night Before..”

  • Rodycaz

    Here’s hoping Leo finally gets his long overdue Oscar. I don’t see how they could take it away from him this time.

  • Rodycaz

    Kinda disappointed Ridley Scott is not nominated for Best Director, I feel this was his last chance of getting an Oscar.

    • aNYagenda

      The truth is that 85% of the time he’s a terrible director.

      But what what does that have to do with winning an oscar.

      Kevin costner won a best director oscar before Scorsese did.

      • KingRichard22

        Haha wow, for what..?

  • aNYagenda


    Let alone was fury road full of bad dialogue, an aimless story arc and full of inconsistencies and plotholes, but sci-fi/action/genre movies NEVER get an oscar nomination from smug new york/hollywood critic elites except for technical achievements, which is all fury road deserves anything for.

    Which would explain their disregard for the fact that its not even a good movie for a genre pic, they have no respect for those anyway,
    but then what could it be that new york critics have been overly praising and think it deserves 10 oscars for?

    Oh what could it be…

    • KinGod

      Not sure, what are you implying?

    • Brent

      That’s probably why it’s wasn’t nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

    • Dr.Malicious, MD


    • Justin Beagley

      i’m sorry – but mad max had bad dialogue? uhh… the opening scene narration to that movie is in the running for best narration in a movie ever. i can only think of a shawshank redemption coming close.

      And plot holes? full of aimless plot holes? in a story THAT simple – plot holes aren’t just improbable… they’re impossible.

    • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s .

      I’d really love to hear what the so-called “inconsistencies and plotholes” were. And “bad dialogue”? Good one.

    • Lucas Lima Batista Lima

      Fury Road, don’t have bad dialogue, okey if you don’t like the movie, but say that the film is full of plotholes is to appeal and being a liar, in a story THAT simple – plot holes aren’t just improbable… they’re impossible like Justin Beagley has said.

  • ian ward

    Its McAdams not Adams

    • trelaina

      Right? Who wrote this?

  • clone

    Surprised to see Idris Elba snubbed from supporting actor. I was so sure he’d be nominated in that category.

    And also surprised to see Carol missing the best picture and director race.

  • Stefanie De Cassan Sanchez

    If they were announced on the 14th, how is this article dated the 13th?

  • phylos

    Both Sorkin and Tarantino ignored for Best Screenplay? In the case of Sorkin, it’s a total snub. Inside Out deserved a Best Picture nomination too.
    Far too many nominations for the death metal version of Wacky Races. But, thankfully, only two of those are relevant and it won’t win either of them.
    Crossing my fingers for DiCaprio to not win again. Not only because Fassbender did a better job, but also because it’s fun to say Leonardo No Oscaro.

    • Michael Carver

      Wacky Races is right. Haha

  • Vits/Vicente Torres

    1) Shocking snubs: 50 SHADES OF GREY for Song (LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO); CAROL for Picture and Director; THE FENCER for Foreign Film; FURIOUS PART 7 for Song; GOING CLEAR for Documentary; THE GOOD DINOSAUR for Animated Film; GOODNIGHT, MOMMY for Foreign Film; HE NAMED ME MALALA for Documentary; THE HUNTING GROUND for Documentary; INSIDE OUT for Picture; JURASSIC WORLD for Visual Effects; LAVA for Animated Short; LOVE AND MERCY for Leading Actor and Song; THE MARTIAN for Director and Cinematography; THE PEANUTS MOVIE for Animated Film; STAR WARS EPISODE VII for Picture; STEVE JOBS for Picture and Screenplay.

    2) Non-shocking snubs: 45 YEARS for Picture and Screenplay; ANOMALISA for Picture, Supporting Actress and Score; ANT-MAN for Visual Effects; THE ASSASSIN for Foreign Film and Cinematography; AVENGERS PART 2 for Visual Effects; BEASTS OF NO NATION for Picture, Leading Actor, Supporting Actor, Director, Screenplay and Cinematography; THE BIG SHORT for Supporting Actor (Steve Carell); BLACK MASS for Leading Actor; BONE TOMAHAWK for Screenplay; BRIDGE OF SPIES for Leading Actor and Director; CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA for Supporting Actress; EL CLUB for Foreign Film; CONCUSSION for Leading Actor; CREED for Picture; THE DANISH GIRL for Score and Cinematography; DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL for Screenplay; THE END OF THE TOUR for Leading Actor and Screenplay; EVEREST for Cinematography and Sound; EX MACHINA for Picture, Supporting Actress and Screenplay; GRANDMA for Leading Actress; THE HATEFUL 8 for Picture, Director and Screenplay; INSIDE OUT for Score; IT FOLLOWS for Score and Cinematography; THE LADY IN THE VAN for Leading Actress; LEGEND for Leading Actor; LOVE AND MERCY for Picture, Supporting Actress and Screenplay; MAD MAX PART 4 for Screenplay and Score; ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL for Screenplay; MR. HOLMES for Leading Actor; PHOENIX for Leading Actress; THE REVENANT for Screenplay and Score; SICARIO for Picture, Leading Actress, Supporting Actor, Director and Screenplay; SON OF SAUL for Cinematography; SPOTLIGHT for Leading Actor and Score; STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON for Picture; SUFFRAGETTE for Leading Actress; TRUMBO for Picture, Supporting Actress and Screenplay; THE WALK for Cinematography and Visual Effects; YOUTH for Supporting Actress and Cinematography.

    3) Surprises: 50 SHADES OF GREY for Song (EARNED IT); BRIDGE OF SPIES for Score; EX MACHINA for Screenplay; RACING EXTINCTION for Song; ROOM for Directing; STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON for Screenplay; WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? for Documentary; WINTER ON FIRE for Documentary.

    • dfsfdv

      50SOG wasn’t snubbed. It got nominated for music.

      • Vits/Vicente Torres

        Read the parenthesis.

    • Karl Lanthanimos

      you are damn right about goodnight mommy and love and mercy. i think paul dano’s performance was one of the best of the year.also how the hell did villeneuve and benicio del toro not get nominated considering the mediocrity of the line up?

    • Bruno Silva

      Are you serious? lol Love me like you do is one of the most annoying and mediocre songs in pop history.

      • Vits/Vicente Torres

        This breakdown was based on general opinions, not mine. LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO has been nominated in several other ceremonies.

    • Petarded

      Goodnight Mommy for for sure. My soul hurt for days afterwards.

    • schmikel

      Give everyone a trophy like in those kiddie pagents

    • ry

      Shocking snubs – Benicio del Toro for Best Supporting Actor in Sicario

      • Vits/Vicente Torres

        I put him as a non-shocking snub because he hasn’t received that many nominations. Actually, his only major award nomination has been for a BAFTA.

  • Joe Eoj

    Why all the love for Mad Max: Fury Road. At first I thought it was the worst movie I’d seen since WWZ but after swishing it around in my brain for awhile I realized it to be the worst movie I’d seen since Hellraiser 2.

    I can appreciate some of the technical aspects but what a God awful movie.

    • Dr.Malicious, MD


      • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s .

        You think Fury Road gets so much praise because of Feminism? No, it’s because it’s one of the best action movies of all time.

        • Dr.Malicious, MD

          *overrated action films of all time. There fixed it for ya 🙂

          • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s .


          • Dr.Malicious, MD

            Oooh nice retort *rolls eyes*

          • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s .

            Hey, it’s just a statement of fact. No need for childish comments now!

    • Justin Beagley

      i’m sorry – but if you think mad max is a god awful film – you objectively don’t know good acting, directing, music, story telling, cinematography, editing – or anything else that would happen to make a movie considered ‘good’.

      name a better action movie – so we can all laugh at your pathetic attempt to think up one.

      • Joe Eoj

        Not gonna lie I had a lot better time watching Furious 7. Laugh away.

        • Rudi Hoehn

          LOL – wow. Just wow.

        • gregworrel

          Furious 7 was awful. If I want to see flying cars and superheroes, I’ll stick to Marvel. Even Mission Impossible flicks are more believable than Furious 7.

          • Joe Eoj

            Oh I’m not praising Furious 7. It wasn’t a movie I consider good but compared to fury road I did enjoy it much more. For me, Mad Max: Fury Road was like if Micheal Bay and Tim Burton teamed up to do an amalgamation of the film Apocalypto and The Beautiful People video. It was just so damn campy, and adding explosions did nothing to diminish that.

            For the record I didn’t like ‘Babe: Pig in the City’ either as it was also much too campy for my taste. I guess I’m just not a George Miller devotee.

        • Gab A Gonzales

          Furious 7 is the worst movie I’ve seen this year. Absolutely atrocious. While Mad Max is my second best movie of the year.

          Everything about Mad Max was amazing. Everything. It can be nominated for every technical aspect. That’s how good it is. And I don’t even want to talk about the directing of this movie. What George Miller did to that movie will be studied for years.

          Furious 7 was so bad I was honestly angry when I finished the movie. I hated it so much

    • Lucas Lima Batista Lima

      Mad Max: Fury Road worst movie since Hellraiser 2????.
      You’re a joke!!!

      Fury Road it’s a Picture acclaimed, a action movie acclaimed with Directing,Editing,Cinematography,Art Direction,Costume Design,Makeup,Visual Effects,Sound,Sound Editing all being hailed, I think your taste is kind of terrible for movies

      • Joe Eoj

        If you read the last part of my comment where I praised the technical aspects of the film you’d know that I don’t disagree with you on any of the things being hailed. However the film was much less the sum of its parts in terms of an enjoyable watch. I found none of the characters engaging and wouldn’t at all been upset if a nuke was dropped on them all, in fact I would have felt nothing at all ‘cept the slight relief of the movie being over.

        Do all you always accuse anyone that doesn’t agree with something you like for having terrible taste?

    • Mark

      Why? Because The Whore of Babylon wants to save the Universe, and the word He translated from the ancient Aramaic bible means…transsexual. Whereas, wine means your cousin’s asshole. Hope that brain swishing gets better.

  • MovieZoo Yt

    I hope it dose not end up like this again.haha

  • Ulises Castro Mercado


  • Mark

    Reminds me why movies are better than average, not better than ever… Predictions: Spotlight, DiCaprio, Larsen, Scott. Zzzzzz

  • Esmaeel

    Just give Leo the Oscar …..

    • schmikel

      Tom Hardy over shadowed his performance

      • Dr.Malicious, MD

        He’s in a different category.

        • schmikel

          Thanks captain obvious.

          • Dr.Malicious, MD

            That’s Doctor Obvious to you!

      • Millkowski Supertramp

        Uh…how? Leo went through the wringer to play the role. Tom Hardy was superb but come on. Leo had to suffer a lot more and carry the film on his shoulders with barely any dialogue. And one is lead and the other is supporting so what’s your point?

        • schmikel

          If Leo doesn’t get the trophy will be fine with Fassbender winning. The other guys were all just Ok. If TH doesn’t win it will be a rip.”Suffer” is a strong word for getting paid millions to play pretend even in cold weather and snow.

          • Millkowski Supertramp

            Fassenbender gave a stellar performance. He’d be my second pick for sure. But there ain’t no pretend about freezing your ass off in a frozen river. I just feel his commitment to the role required more of him than most actors have to endure (probably a better word than suffer, though I’m quite comfortable with my word selection). I do believe being paid millions would incentive many of us to fo the same however. So kudos good sir, you make a valid point

  • camilo

    No Star Wars in best make up? for real?

  • Ben Abramowitz

    Inside Out should’ve been nominated for Best Picture, Score, and Sound!

    • Mark

      Maybe in a world where white males don’t comprise 94% of the Oscar vote, it is.

  • schmikel

    Finally Tom Hardy gets some recognition.
    His acting in The Revenant was the best thing about the movie.

    • Petarded

      No kidding. He oozed evil.

    • Millkowski Supertramp

      He was phenomenal but I think Leo and the bear as well as the beautiful cinematography and haunting score were pretty amazing as well. Sorry for the run on sentence.

      • schmikel

        A lot of pressure on that poor ol’ bear to really dig deep into that muscle and flesh and sell that shit to the back row.

        • Millkowski Supertramp

          I know, I wonder how they got the bear to perfectly act the scene out like that?! They must have practiced the scene over and over. I should have said the bear scene, and probably written that sentence in a more coherent manner. My bad.

        • Millkowski Supertramp

          Were you exercising sarcasm or were you really thinking anyone would think that was a real bear?

          • schmikel

            I do 100 sarcasm crunches every day to keep in shape.

          • Millkowski Supertramp

            Lol well you must be shredded! I’m kinda tarded but I hope nobody thought I believed it was a real bear hahaha

  • schmikel

    JJ Leigh should have won Golden Globs ( no typo) and also in this competition.

    • Mark

      Definitely. Two-dimensional evil, though, rarely wins because it’s harder than comedy.

  • Darrell Baker

    Firstly, where the hell is Steve Carell’s acting nomination? He was the best thing about The Big Short and is easily a contender for Best Actor.
    Secondly, everyone’s saying it’s going to be Leo’s year but, in my opinion, he has some tough competition from Bryan Cranston from Trumbo; why doesn’t that film have a Best Picture or Screenplay nomination? Helen Mirren was great in that as well; Supporting Actress nomination anyone?

    • Mike Fabi

      I think this is the year Leo gets it, to many years have gone by with him missing out, the voters at the Academy are going to see this as an opportunity to give him an Oscar (which he deserves, but maybe not for The Revenant?). Personally didn’t care much for The Revenant, but it seems like it will do well if the Globes are any indication. I also think Steve Carrell deserved at least a nom and how about 9 year old Jacob Tremblay getting no nomination when he blew nearly everyone out of the water this year in Room.

  • schmikel

    Mostly safe Ho Hum nominees all round.
    Room is the only one that touched me and left any kind of lasting impression.

    • Justin Beagley

      then you haven’t watched enough movies this year – this year was ridiculously good for movies. And if brooklyn didn’t touch you – you don’t have a soul.

      • schmikel

        No need to get personal. Nice that you feel good about this years movies. I love Saoirse Ronan.

      • Mark

        I don’t have a soul. I saw roughly 70 pictures this year. None of them touched me. Not even the catholic priest one. Film is scam. A molecular smear. A lie. Bait set by very spoiled monkeys. Eat up, for tomorrow you re-ward them.

  • Khazija

    I am happy for The Big Short receiving its five nominations but that is it. It is one of the few Best Picture contenders that was genuinely a great movie. It is great that Charlotte Rampling made the cut.

    I am deeply disappointed at the blatant POC snubs. I wish The Academy could have gone outside of the box by considering Tangerine. Will Smith and Gugu Mbatha-Raw were both superb in Concussion. I wish Straight Outta Compton and Jason Mitchell would have received a nomination.
    Idris Elba was a glaring omission.

    I also wished Star Wars: The Force Awakens would have received more nominations. I know I will receive hatred for this but I think it was a thousand times better than Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant.

    • Kirito Hitsuzen

      Well I cannot hate someone who says that of a movie I watched four times already so, I guess it’s fair that TFA got 5 nominations.

  • Petarded

    Fury Road for the win!

    • schmikel

      Not bloody likely but I was entertained and would prefer it won before Bridge of Spies. Talk about the epitome of safe boring sanitized Oscar bait Spielberg style. I can’t even remember a scene where Mark Rylance was anything but ordinary, but then again he didn’t have much to work with script wise.

      • Petarded

        Doubtful indeed. Still deserved the nomination for sure though.

  • Diwaliya

    i m sure -bridge of spies- getting atleast 2

  • Diwaliya

    tom+spielberg = perfection

  • Joe Eoj

    As far as I’m concerned this years best performances by Actors that happen to be Black are:

    Abraham Attah – Beasts of No Nation

    Shameik Moore – Dope

    Now that said: Did ‘Straight Outta Compton’ really deserve a screenplay nomination over ‘Steve Jobs’?

    Opportunities over the image of equality. Let’s let quality of work should speak for itself.

    • ry

      How about this one for you – Cliff Curtis’s performance in the Dark Horse. I’d bet hardly anyone has seen this movie and but those who have won’t ever forget his performance…it’s equally as good as of any of the actors nominated

      • Joe Eoj

        Haven’t seen it as of yet, so I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  • Steve Blagg

    I would have liked to see Sarah Snook get nominated for Predestination– or did that movie “officially” come out in 2014? I thought January of 2015–either way she was going to get overlooked. A shame.

    • Mike Fabi

      Predestination is a movie that never got an honest theater release and was available in 2014 outside of the US. It made its way to US festivals in 2014, but didn’t get a commercial release till January 2015, so I don’t know how the Academy judges this one. Either way movies that come out in the beginning of the year almost always struggle come awards season. Sarah Snook is too good to be overlooked for long, even if she deserved some recognition for this one.

  • Dr.Malicious, MD

    Bryon Cranston received an Oscar nomination! FINALLY!!

  • Chris25698

    Revenant maybe deserved half those nominations. Hope Mad Max or Spotlight take best picture & director, perhaps in a split. Carol was snubbed, but Brooklyn was a pleasant surprise.

  • Zack Ch

    Bridge of Spies for Best Picture Tom Hanks and steve.s did a great job . And Madmax For best makeup and visuel effects

  • Dr.Malicious, MD


    • VoiceOver

      Fact you need to scream in capitals to make this statement makes your question rather ironic

  • may

    Mad Max: Fury Road, seriously? One of the worst movies I’ve seen this year. Completely over-hyped. Had a basic meaningless plot, forgettable cast and predictable ending. I know a lot of people disagree and it shocks me. There were far more deserving movies this year.
    The Revenant was beautifully shot and incredibly cinematic, seemingly to the expense of the plot. The dialogue was often mumbling and the screen time started to drag on in the last hour. Still an incredible film, and Tom Hardy was excellent, but not the best film of the year.
    I’m also surprised Steve Carell wasn’t nominated for The Big Short. He really pulled the emotion, into a otherwise comedic film. I loved the movie but found Brad Pitt’s appearance almost odd. He’s on the poster, suggesting he’s a main character, but in reality is barely in the film. He’s almost more of a guest appearance than supporting character. Oddly underused, but nonetheless a great movie.
    I’m surprised there are no nominations for star wars. Personally not a fan, but it clearly did well.
    I never saw The Martian and Carol has just come out, so I can’t really comment on either. I wonder if The Martian is worth going back and watching? It seemed quite good.

    • Michael Carver

      Go see The Martian. Really.

      • may

        Will do, looks like a good film.

  • ry

    Wouldve been nice to have seen Benicio Del Toro get a nod for Best supporting actor for his work in Sicario….even if I think Ruffalo probably deserves it

  • Justin Beagley

    It’s amazing how many people got on here to voice their complaints about mad max being nominated. I’m sorry – but if one of the worst stories ever to be made into a movie (lord of the rings) can win 11 oscars, with undying armies and eagles to the rescue – including winning best picture for the 3rd installment which was the longest most useless display of deus ex machina i’ve ever seen –

    Than a far better, more entertaining fantasy movie in Mad Max should win. If only to prove that there are critics out in the world who understand the difference between good fantasy story telling – and THE WORST fantasy story telling.

    And not every best picture nomination has to be some tear-jerker drama, or some philosophical life-changer. Every once in awhile it would be nice to credit and appreciate movies and genres that aren’t cookie cutter made for best picture. Otherwise you just claim to love art, but in reality – you only like one type of art, and despise the rest.

    Mad Max was beautifully done, intense, imaginative, and fun. The music was thematic and powerful. It doesn’t matter if the story was simple if it’s well done. And If you didn’t get any of that out of the film – then you don’t know what art is.

  • schmikel

    Hateful Eight was my favorite “made for awards season film” Bridge of Spies was my least favorite.

  • marc pettit

    Where’s Jurassic world? that should have a nomination.

    • Chad Warden

      That was the shittiest movie I’ve seen

  • schmikel

    Inarritu actually takes it to a whole nubba lebel and literally uses his star as bait for an Oscar.

    The Bear, ” he tasted like desperation”

  • schmikel

    My only real hopes and why I will watch this contest are Brie Larson, J J Leigh and Tom hardy for the win.

  • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s .

    Why so much hate for Mad Max Fury Road? It’s one of the best action movies ever made.

  • Michael Carver

    Need more comments guys. Dig deep. Just cause there isn’t a category for Best Comment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put heart & soul.

    • schmikel

      And the Oscar for Best Comment goes to… Dr. Malicious, MD for BUTTHURT FANBOY FLAGGED MY COMMENTS. Accepting the award for Dr. Malicious is every near idiot on every comment section on every sight like this,

  • Michael Carver

    My vote for San Andreas. hahahahahahahahaha

  • schmikel

    If this season was so full of great films, then why the throw in that is Bridge of Spies. The Spielberg/Hanks/ Hollywood love affair has to be recognized and validated? Carol not being nominated is just plain… yes I’m saying it, misogynistic.

  • ry

    Everyone’s going on about Leo’s long overdue Oscar but spare a thought for the great cinematographer Roger Deakins who has still yet to win the trophy. For my money he is in a toe-to-toe battle with John Seale for Mad Max for the Oscar.

  • Mark

    Reading the list of nominees I thought Spotlight the likely winner. Having seen two more nominees recently I must say I’d be surprised if Dancing With Bears (The Revenant) doesn’t win in every single category and set a new record with 12 wins. Christian Revisionism beats Hospital Waste Journalism every time. Even the producers of Mad Max had to buy out Mel Gibson for academy respect.

  • Neil

    There was nothing but people’s love for Mad Max the whole year…. until…. duh duh daaaaaaaaaahh…. IT GOT OSCAR NOMINATIONS!

  • Chad Warden

    Creed should have been nominated for something as well. It’s pretty much the equivalent to The Wrestler

  • clone

    I do hope the Oscar’s results would somehow mirror Critics Choice.

    Picture – Spotlight
    Director – Spotlight or Mad Max
    Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)
    Actress – Brie Larson (Room)
    Supp. Actor – Sylvester Stallone (Creed) or Tom Hardy (The Revenant)
    Supp. Actress – Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) or Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight) [it still baffles me how JJ Leigh just receives her first ever Oscar nomination NOW! She should’ve been nominated the 1st time many many years ago with Georgia]
    Original Screenplay – Spotlight
    Adapted Screenplay – The Big Short or Room
    Production Design – Mad Max or The Danish Girl
    Cinematography – The Revenant or Mad Max or Carol
    Music – The Hateful Eight
    Visual effect – Mad Max or The Martian
    Foreign language film – Son of Saul
    Animated feature – Inside Out
    Documentary feature – Amy

  • Joseph Shinoda L. Gomz

    If all (or at least most ) of critical Mad Max is the best movie of 2015 , serious shit to win The Revenant , George Miller spent much of his life in a rather risky and complex project and nothing but that Inarritu is displayed with another of his “limited” movies. Mad Max for best picture !

  • La Esmeralda

    So… am i the only one who’s disappointed Johnny Depp didn’t get nominated for Black Mass?

  • Lorenzo Castellani

    Original score: MAd MAx and Steve Jobs? WTF?

  • Mark

    Gunslinger Chili is the only award on the table for you Mad Max cannibals. It’s a total smear. Dumping Mel Gibson for artistic cred. Makes you all look like pale faces.

  • schmikel

    Strongest categories: Foreign language, Documentary and Animation.

  • Tanklord

    Anyone notice Fifty Shades is the only one with a rotten tomatoe rating?

  • Trailmix

    I really think the Oscars should start doing video games. Sure it’s very rare, but when a video game excels in all areas,(gameplay, story, and depth) it can be way more engaging and enjoyable than any movie Three such games released in the past 6 years are Portal 2, The Last of Us, and The Witcher 3.

    As for my best picture, winner would probably be Mad Max, but I enjoyed the Force Awakens more.

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