Nathan Fillion Talks "White Noise" Sequel

by | March 14, 2006 | Comments

Sci Fi Wire talked to "Serenity" star Nathan Fillion about his upcoming thriller, "White Noise 2: The Light," which has just started filming in Vancouver.

In the original, abysmally rated "White Noise" (which boasts a 9% on the Tomatometer), a widower (Michael Keaton) believed he could communicate with the dead through household recording devices. The sequel, "White Noise 2: The Light," seems to shy away from that dubious phenomenon and instead employs a much more fictitious, "Final Destination"-ish plot.

From Sci Fi Wire: "After a near-death experience, Fillion’s character discovers he has the psychic ability to see who’s going to die next. "He can see things, but people think he’s crazy, and he just falls apart," Fillion said. "And, yes, there is some of the recordings of the dead on machines and all that.""

For more of Fillion’s take on "White Noise 2," and to hear about his real life near-death experience, click over to Sci Fi Wire.

Nathan Fillion next stars in the creature feature "Slither," which opens March 31, 2006.