"Narnia" Kids Talk Sequels and DVDs

by | April 7, 2006 | Comments

USA Today recently ran a breakdown of what can be found in the new 2-disc Chronicles of Narnia DVD, but when the topic of Narnia 2 (Prince Caspian) came up, the kids among the cast claimed to know nothing about it … just yet.

I found out the sequel (Prince Caspian) was happening through a teacher," says Skandar Keynes, 14, who portrays Edmund, one of the four Pevensie siblings in the film, which is new on DVD this week. He jokes, "She had the inside knowledge."

Adds Georgie Henley, 10, who plays Lucy: "My teacher did the same thing to me because she saw it in the newspaper that I said yes (I was going to be in the sequel). I haven’t said no, but I haven’t said yes."

As for their status on appearing in the second Narnia film, "to be honest, it’s really a verbal contract," says William Moseley, 18, who plays Peter. "We have been told the sequel is happening, but we have no idea when, we don’t know where and we have no idea how. We just have to sort of sit back and let the big guys work it out."

The article also runs through some of the Special Edition’s flashier new features, but here’s what I’m wondering: What ever happened to that excellent young actress from Lemony Snicket?