More New "Transformers" Pics Online

by | April 3, 2007 | Comments

Between all the different trailers, posters, concept art, and production pics, I’ve lost track of which "Transformers" goodies are new and which ones are old-hat by this point. But Yahoo! has some stuff with the word "new" on it, so here’s your chance to get a fresh update.

The "new stuff" looks to be a slideshow full of all-new "Transformers" screen shots, most of which look as cool as they should: We are talking about an action flick overstuffed with giant robo-vehicles, after all. The slideshow does offer some pretty slick movie stills, but … only three of ’em. Aww, that’s not fair. Still worth checking out if you’re actively salivating for the new Michael Bay flick.

"Transformers" opens on July 4th. And I expect it to be #1 at the box office that weekend. And the next weekend, too. Probably.

Source: Yahoo! Movies