Lions Gate to Participate in a CGI "Foodfight!"

by | March 23, 2005 | Comments shares with us a press release from the fine folks at Lions Gate, and here’s the scoop: the studio has picked up the rights to the not-yet-completed CG comedy "Foodfight!" What’s interesting about this project is that it just might have the highest number of "product placements" in film history. But since the flick’s about what happens when the lights go down in a huge supermarket, it only makes sense to use actual consumer products. (Plus … imagine all the merchandising tie-ins!) I remember first hearing about "Foodfight!" well over two years ago, so it’s nice to know that the thing will be hitting theaters eventually. It’s presently scheduled for Fall of ’06. Expect to see appearances by Mr. Clean, Charlie the Tuna, Hilary Duff and a LOT more. Check out the press release for all sorts of additional information.