John Woo's "He-Man" Movie Goes ... Nowhere

by | October 18, 2006 | Comments

Thank the lord we have websites out there who’ll report on a specific LACK of news. This is how we know that the John Woo "He-Man" movie is stuck in neutral, and not likely to move forward anytime soon. Thrilling.

From "The movie – based on the 80s cartoon series about an emaciated blue skeleton taking on a blonde sword-wielding cross dresser – has been set up at John Woo’s company for a while, but according to a representative of Lions Rock, the project is still a few light years away from coming to fruition.

“John is attached, but the project isn’t a priority or high on his radar. Essentially, [he] lost enthusiasm”, the source tells MTV.

The Lions Rock source told MTV that Adam Rifkin has handed in a script for the film but he’s unsure whether or not it would be optioned should the film ultimately get the greenlight – it’s just as likely that someone else may be tapped to pen the pic."

–So, yeah. Anyone remember this movie?