Jet Li Fight Scene Mummy 3 Image Revealed!

Another update courtesy of director Rob Cohen.

by | October 24, 2007 | Comments

Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor director Rob Cohen has shared yet another great new image on his production blog: Jet Li in character, fighting our hero Brendan Fraser!

Cohen has been blogging as production rolls along, and has shared some enthusiastic posts (and awesome new images) already. Now filming in the desert valley of Tianmo, China, Cohen’s latest bulletins discuss wrangling his crew of 2000, his Great Wall of China set, and more on the film’s story:

“Soon Jet Li, the Dragon Emperor himself, will mount a 50-foot high colossus of himself to wake his 5,000 Terracotta Warriors from 20 centuries underground and lead them in one final battle against the O’Connell’s and the Mystical Forces of his ancient enemy played by Russell Wong who has been raised by Michelle Yeoh. Armies will clash. Good vs. Evil. The living vs. the Undead.”

And more on Jet Li:

“Today, I shot Jet Li on his black stallion riding into battle in his jade armor. He looked nothing short of an Emperor. He has been totally professional and warm to me and the entire crew, like the prince he truly is.”

Cohen also addresses the film’s score, which will be written by previous collaborator Randy Edelman, with whom Cohen’s worked before (on xXx, Dragonheart, and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story).

“As to the music: guys, trust me. Randy and I have done two classic scores (DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY and DRAGONHEART) that continue to be used in trailers and commercials a decade and a half later. This will be an original score with new themes, played by the London Symphony Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios. There will nothing “synth paddy” about it. It will be massive, thematic, and pulsing. I have great respect for Al Silvestri but this is a new, re-booted “Mummy” and it will have the score to match.”

But on to the new image! Here’s your first look at Jet Li in full Mummy 3 glory, in a fight scene opposite Rick O’Connell (Fraser).

Source: Rob Cohen: The Mummy