James Wan Talks "Saw 2" and "Silence"!

by | April 7, 2005 | Comments

Those groovy gorehounds over at Bloody-Disgusting.com had a quick sit-down with "Saw" director James Wan, and here’s what the filmmaker had to say about the quick-production sequel: "Jigsaw is dying, but he’s looking to beat his illness. And he believes, with his last set of games, it will provide him with the cure for his cancer." Mr. Wan has ceded the directorial reins to newcomer Darren Bousman, although he’ll still be on the scene as a producer. He also confirmed that Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith will be returning for the sequel. And as for what’s next … James and screenwriter Leigh Whannell will be creating "Silence" for Universal: "It’s going to be the definitive ghost story. I only want to make the scariest film ever." I’ve only snagged a few small snippets of an already brief interview, so you "Saw" fans should be sure to check out the rest at B-D.com.