Jaden Smith IS The Karate Kid?

He is a nine-year-old boy / Who will fight for your honor.

by | September 28, 2007 | Comments

Sure, Jaden Smith can act — we all saw the proof in The Pursuit of Happyness. But can he do a crane kick?

If a rumor posted at IGN Movies yesterday is accurate, we’ll soon be finding out — according to “a reliable source,” Sony is prepping a Karate Kid remake, and Smith is attached to star in it. According to the source, Jerry Weintraub — who produced the original trilogy — is co-producing the remake with Will Smith‘s Overbrook Entertainment.

In a word: AWESOME. Who cares if every third movie coming out of Hollywood is a remake, and Jaden Smith is only nine years old? As long as he can do the crane kick, he’s all set. Like Mr. Miyagi said, “if do right, no can defense.” Make this happen, Sony! We’ll be there opening night, with a big bottle of Wild Turkey and our game faces on!

Source: IGN Movies