In Other News...Vincent Gallo: Weirder Than We Thought

by | November 4, 2005 | Comments

First there was celebrity air, and then Britney’s bra — now, an even more intimate celebrity item is up for sale: fatherhood. A website claiming to sell ‘official’ merchandise for Vincent Gallo has offered up the contentious actor’s sperm for sale, to be applied via in-vitro fertilization. The price tag? $1 million, or an additional $500,000 for ‘natural’ insemination. Of course, the 5’11" blue-eyed Renaissance man, who garnered praise and then contempt for his self-written, self-directed star turns in "Buffalo ’66" and its sequel, "The Brown Bunny," reserves the right to approve the buyer of his seed by photograph (extra points for blonde hair and blue eyes). In return, the website guarantees a ‘drug, alcohol, and disease-free’ Gallo, who is ‘multi talented in all creative fields,’ a well-rounded athlete, and, most notably, has the potential to pass on his well-endowed genes to the resulting offspring.

Interested parties are directed to view Gallo’s infamous on-screen sex scene in "The Brown Bunny" for evidence of his outstanding qualifications.