High School Musical Getting Reality Show Treatment

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by | March 4, 2008 | Comments

If you thought turning High School Musical 3 into a theatrical release was the only trick Disney had up its sleeve for the expansion of the HSM franchise, think again.

Variety reports that Disney-owned ABC will be grabbing at a piece of the High School Musical pie with a reality TV spinoff, set to air this summer. Read on:

Net is developing a multiepisode reality competish themed to the “High School Musical” concept, with a nationwide talent hunt followed by a group of contestants studying at a music conservatory to hone their skills.

According to the report, the series “will include plenty of High School Musical-themed moments,” including “likely” appearances by the stars of the Disney films. ABC is apparently “in discussions” with a production company, and although nothing has been finalized, it’s difficult to imagine any company in Hollywood not leaping at the chance to score a little HSM action; as Variety notes, Disney’s forecasts estimate that the franchise will reach $650 million in sales this year.

Source: Variety