HBO Uncertain on Deadwood Finale Movies

New surfer show higher priority than the #*&!*$# Wild West?

by | July 18, 2007 | Comments

Fans of Deadwood are still waiting for some closure. The idea of some TV movies wrapping up the series sounded fine, but they’re nowhere to be seen. HBO President of Programming Michael Lombardo is not even sure they can make it happen.

Deadwood creator David Milch is ostensibly planning the two wrap-up films, but he’s got a new HBO show to produce first.

“We’re just finishing [the new show] John from Cincinnati so David [Milch] is, needless to say, exhausted,” said Lombardo. We haven’t had the conversation with him about scheduling the production of those movies since he’s been immersed in John From Cincinatti.”

That other show demanding Milch’s attention is only one of the things holding things up. “Look, it’s always been our intention to do them. It is complicated. We don’t have holds on the actors anymore. David is busy doing John. We’ll see what happens with John. But we will revisit this with David at the end of the summer, after he’s had a little bit of a rest and after we know what the future of John is for him. It’s certainly on our books as something we’re still interested in.”

Then there are actors to worry about. “We’re going to have to schedule them in a way where we’re going to have to bring back an entire array of actors, many of whom have moved onto other shows. Molly Parker is on a new series. Tim Olyphant is doing movies. Again, I think that’s one reason we decided to do movies as opposed to a season, knowing that that may be a shorter schedule, but it’s doable. It will just be daunting. If David’s game for this and we can figure this out, we’re going to figure it out.”