Has the Voice of "Galactus" Been Cast?

by | April 13, 2007 | Comments

In the comic book world of "Fantastic Four," Galactus is also known as "eater of worlds," so I’m guessing he’s a giant evil planet or something. (Sounds cool.) Recent gossip indicates that the voice of Galactus will be provided by an actor very well-known in science fiction circles. And that actor’s name is…

Laurence Fishburne? Hey, sounds good to me. He used that overpoweringly commanding voice to excellent effect in the "Matrix" flicks, plus he recently did the narration for "TMNT," in case you didn’t notice. On top of all that, Laurence Fishburne is just plain old cool.

We’re gonna fight Morpheus??

Unfortunately the same report indicates that someone, somewhere at some alleged test screening thought that "Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer" was not a very good movie. Good thing most of us like to decide these things for ourselves. "FF2" opens on June 15th.

Source: AICN