Freestyle Picks Up 3 Uwe Boll Movies

by | June 7, 2007 | Comments

I bet tons of you just can’t wait to get your eyeballs on the next Uwe Boll movies. And now it looks like he’s finally snagged a U.S. distributor for three of his new flicks.

Nope, sorry. "BloodRayne 2" isn’t one of ’em, but Boll fans should be very happy to learn that "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale," "Postal," and "Seed" will (eventually) be hitting some theaters (kinda) near you sometime (relatively) soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Postal" is set for a 250 theater release on September 28th, with "Dungeon Siege" hitting 2,500 theaters on January 18th of next year. "Seed" will also hit some time early next year.

Can’t wait!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter