Four "Transformers" Clips Unveiled at Toy Fair

by | February 15, 2007 | Comments

Michael Bay and his various Hasbro buddies descended upon the Toy Fair recently, and they brought with ’em a quartet of unfinished scenes from their "Transformers" movie. No, the clips aren’t online yet, but I do know of someone who’ll describe ’em for you.’s Edward Douglas is the man on the case, and he breaks down all four scenes in pretty solid detail right here. The last one sounds particularly flashy: "The fourth clip took us back to Qatar where Josh Duhamel and the Special Ops team were running through the desert being chased by something, which turned out to be a giant mechanical scorpion, Scorponok from the Beast Wars era, which had been deployed by Blackout in the opening scene! It burrows through the desert sands, coming out to attack the soldiers with its deadly tail stinger, and the men run for cover in a nearby village as Scorponok continues to attack with its rockets. As the fight continues, a mysterious jet plane approaches the scene, as men in a war room watch the events unfold, one of them being Jon Voight‘s Keller, who seems like a government official of some kind. This jet may have been Starscream, though it starts shooting at Scorponok and doing a good deal of damage, as the robot burrows back into the ground, leaving a piece of its tail behind."

Jets, robots, scorpions and Jon Voight? Sounds good to me! Click here for (a whole lot) more, including some new information on Activision’s upcoming tie-in video game.

Bay’s "Transformers" opens on July 4.