Fincher Signs on for Double Duty at Paramount & WB

by | July 5, 2005 | Comments

Movie fan favorite David Fincher ("Fight Club," "Seven") has signed with Paramount to (finally) direct a pair of oft-discussed projects, says Variety. First up for the celebrated filmmaker is "Zodiac," which is based on a pair of true crime books about a serial killer who stalked San Francisco in the late 1960’s.

On board to star are Robert Downey Jr. ("Gothika"), Jake Gyllenhaal ("Donnie Darko"), and Anthony Edwards ("Revenge of the Nerds"). Pre-production on "Zodiac" is presently underway.

After that gig winds down, Mr. Fincher will turn his attentions toward a big-screen adaptation of "Benjamin Button," an F. Scott Fitzgerald story about a man who begins aging backwards.

Set to star in "Button" are Brad Pitt (who’s worked with Fincher twice before) and Cate Blanchett ("The Aviator").

Both productions are joint efforts between Paramount and Warner Bros.