Favreau Promises "Iron Man" Teasers and a Comic Con Appearance

by | May 1, 2007 | Comments

As he’s apt to do from time to time, director Jon Favreau has stopped by his MySpace blog to offer a few "Iron Man" production tidbits to the fans. This time around: Suit info, teaser talk, convention appearances, and Jeff Bridges‘ hair.

Or "lack of hair" I should say. Turns out Mr. Bridges is playing a character called Stane, and apparently Stane is bald. Cool.

Favreau also clarifies that the movie will contain both the bulky grey armor that we already saw AND the classic red and gold suit we all know and love. The director is also tossing around ideas for teaser trailers and promises to make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con.

You’ll also find a few location reports in the blog entry, so feel free to check it on out.

Source: Favreau’s Iron Man MySpace Blog