Ebert & Roeper: "Batman Begins" Best "Batman" Film Ever

by | June 5, 2005 | Comments

On their weekly syndicated show "Ebert & Roeper," Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper gave early reviews of "Batman Begins." They gave the film two thumbs way up.

Ebert, who didn’t like any of the previous "Batman" films, called it the best "Batman" film ever and one of the year’s best films. He thought it’s the first "Batman" film to get it "absolutely right"; It’s the "Batman" film that he’s "been waiting for and hoping for." Roeper, who loved the visionary first "Batman" film by Tim Burton, agrees; To him, it’s, by far, the best "Batman" film ever. You can access an audio version of this show on Monday at their official site.