David Benioff Promises Fun Wolverine

Screenwriter hoping for "no social relevance whatsoever."

by | December 28, 2007 | Comments

Gavin Hood may be trying to justify directing Wolverine with his explanations of its existential metaphors, but screenwriter David Benioff just wanted to write a fun movie. Coming off The Kite Runner, Wolverine expressed other facets of his filmmaking personality.

“I don’t know what the social importance is,” said Benioff. “I think sometimes there’s a real benefit in just going to see a movie and not having to worry about the real world for a while. For two hours, you can go and just have fun. I love movies like that. A movie like this [The Kite Runner] is sometimes what I want to see, and sometimes I just want to go and watch Hugh Jackman with claws fighting some other guy. I think they both have their place. Hopefully, that will have no social relevance whatsoever.”

Whatever Hood intends to do with it is out of Benioff’s hands: “I have never met him, actually.”

Benioff knew he was writing for fans of the comics, though, and was sure to do his research. “I grew up a big Wolverine fan. I’ve been reading comic books since I was a little kid, and Wolverine was always my favorite comic book hero. I consider myself just as much of a fan as anyone else. I’m hopeful that that movie will make the fans happy.”