Damon Worn Out on Bourne Ultimatum

If Harrison Ford can do it...

by | July 23, 2007 | Comments

The Bourne Ultimatum continues the fast paced, brutal fight scenes of the series as Jason Bourne takes out formidable bad guys. Three movies into the franchise, Matt Damon is starting to feel his age.

“The first movie, I was 29, and this last one, I was 36,” said Damon. “Particularly because that big fight scene in Tangier, Joey, the other actor, the guy that I’m fighting, is like 23 years old. The first movie came out and he was in high school. And so he was so happy. He was like, ‘Mate, I’m in a Bourne fight, this is great!’ And he is in really good shape, and he’s already like a much better athlete than me. So I was like, ‘Oh, man, Joey, you’re killing me! You gotta slow down.'”

Perhaps the producers should have budgeted for Damon’s slower, aged body. “I think it took probably a couple extra days. It probably cost the studio a couple extra days because I’m a little older now.”

Luckily, Joey was a professional and didn’t hurt the pretty actor. “He just was so excited, and I couldn’t possibly defend myself against him. So I’d be like, ‘Dude, just like three moves at a time. Come on.’ So he was a good sport about it though. He did a great job.”

The Bourne Ultimatum hits theaters August 3; watch the geriatric Matt Damon in action in not one, but two trailers here!