Comic-Con: It Begins With "TMNT," "Saw III," and More!

by | July 20, 2006 | Comments

Geeks from across the world will converge at the San Diego Convention Center today to get their annual fix of comics, movies, and pop culture, and RT will be right there bringing you coverage of the panels, major announcements, interviews, and the daily B.O. levels from the floor (and I don’t mean Box Office).

RT’s Binh Ngo and Jen Yamato are in town for this year’s Comic-Con International, which lasts from Thursday – Sunday, and (as always) promises loads of fun, news, and previews of the most anticipated blockbusters and genre pics of the coming year. This Comic-Con promises gore ("Saw III," "Grudge 2," "Grind House"), fantasy ("Stardust," "Pan’s Labyrinth"), and animation ("The Ant Bully," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"); there’s also comic book adaptations ("Ghost Rider," "The Spirit," "Spider-Man 3") and plain-old fun ("DOA: Dead or Alive," "Borat," "Accepted," "SNAKES ON A PLANE")!

Not yer fourth-grade heroes on a half-shell…"TMNT" is coming back!

Thursday’s slate includes the much-anticipated "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" panel, a preview of Sony’s upcoming animation slate, and Lionsgate’s presentation of "Crank," "Skinwalkers," and…ick…"Saw III." Some of the earlybirds who made it to Wednesday’s preview night scored freebie "Saw III" posters, and even that was gory. If the poster’s scary, how freaky will the clips be???

"Crank" star Jason Statham will ride to Comic-Con in style…and hopefully in this outfit

Keep an eyeball out (ha!) for our panel reports, blog entries, and photos (booths! babes! nerds!) from Comic-Con, and check out our friends at, who have dived into the action with their Comic-Con index!
Thanks to their awesome preview day photo gallery, the world can now meet Amazing Lego Batman!