Church Puts Sandman's Kills Into Perspective

by | April 28, 2007 | Comments

Like most "Spider-Man" villains, Sandman isn’t all bad. He’s got a sick kid to take care of and didn’t mean to turn to crime. But when given the powers to dematerialize and reform as weapons of mass destruction, he kind of uses his strength for evil. Actor Thomas Haden Church indicated maybe we shouldn’t feel too sorry for him.

"He’s really corrupted by the ferocity of his own good intentions," said Church. "You’ve got to pretty much figure that whenever I become a sand tornado and I’m spinning through the streets of Manhattan and flipping over cars, some people probably got f***ed up. That’s probably a drag and they don’t care if my daughter is dying because their car got turned upside down, their Hyundai Excel."

Then Church started to see the silver lining. "They don’t even see the hidden benefit that insurance pays and they get another car."

Of course, flipping over a car could lead to more fatal results. "In which case their family collects death benefits, huh? They go party in Cabo. Damn! I am all about Sandman, ya’ll!"