"Cars 2" Coming Soon(ish)?

by | July 12, 2007 | Comments

For the moment, this story falls under the category of "wild speculation masquerading as rumor," but we suppose Pixar has earned the privilege of having its every move dissected — past, present, and future — so here’s some dish about what the studio might be planning for, um, 2011.

JV Pixar News reports that "a very reliable anonymous source" is saying "Cars 2" will be Pixar’s follow-up to "Toy Story 3," which is currently slotted for a summer 2010 release. As the article points out, one hurdle facing a sequel is the recently-announced retirement of "Cars" star Paul Newman, but if Pixar has a choice between making another bajillion dollars or ending a potential franchise, it’s hard to see them choosing anything but the former.

Again, this isn’t based on much of anything other than a heard-it-from-this-one-guy report, from Al Lutz at Miceage, claiming Newman was heard saying, at the Indy 500, that "Cars 2" would be coming out; on the other hand, something has to go on Burger King cups four years from now, and those adorable "Cars"-toons are as good as any.

Source: JV Pixar News