Cannes 2009: Bubblegum Crisis - The Movie

Cult Japanese anime to get the big-screen treatment.

by | May 15, 2009 | Comments

The hugely popular Japanese anime Bubblegum Crisis is set to get a celluloid makeover, with six countries partnering to craft a truly international feature.

Production houses from Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, China and the UK will work together on the $30m movie, with a 2012 release planned.

For a bit of background, the Bubblegum Crisis anime began as an eight-part series for the straight-to-video market in 1987 and its golbal popularity inspired cartoons, games, toys and other spin-offs.

The story revolves around the Knight Sabers, a team of four young female mercenaries who take on the might of the “Boomers” — machines built to serve mankind, but which have become deadly instruments of oppression.

Principle photography will be carried out in Australia, and preceded by a reality TV series to find young talent to star in the movie, with the plan to cast the newcomers alongside established A-list names. Producers are also currently looking for a director.

“We’re thrilled to be representing this visionary project and we’re confident of its global appeal,” said Gary Hamilton of Arclight Pictures, one of the companies working on the feature. “It’s a truly international production, not just because it’s a co-production between six countries, but because the material itself transcends cultural barriers.”