Avi Arad Spills a Few Beans on the Origins of "Magneto"

by | May 16, 2007 | Comments

When he’s not out working on his new Marvel movies, producer Avi Arad is talking about his new Marvel movies. To everyone.

Here’s what Mr. Arad had to say to MTV about the upcoming "Magneto" spinoff: "Think of meeting him in [the first "X-Men" movie] as a young boy in a concentration camp. What happens to his life after the war?" (Wasn’t that in the second movie?)

A.A. also confirms that the flick will also feature a young Charles Xavier, plus there are a few hints at "Brotherhood" alliances to come. (Please let it be a young Mystique.) Comic book expert David Goyer is directing and co-writing the "Magneto" origin movie, which is expected to hit theaters in ’09.

Source: MTV Movies Blog